Many stunning islands and coastlines around Greece have more to offer than just beaches and sunsets. Many are dotted with amazing sea caves that have been worn away over the years, leaving behind natural wonders.

These caves sit on the edge of the sea and are absolutely breathtaking. If you get a chance to visit any of the islands mentioned below we suggest you do yourself a favour and get up close to one of these magical sea caves. 

Lake Cave of Melissani, Kefalonia 

Located near Sami, Melissani has an amazing lake inside the cave featuring trees and forests. The cave itself is B-shaped and when the roof of one of the halls caved in centuries ago, it allowed sunlight to filter through, making it an incredible experience when you visit in the afternoon. The sunlight hitting the turquoise-blue waters creates a magical illusion and it’s one of the most spectacular images of Kefalonia island. 

Blue Caves, Zakynthos

Located near Volimes, the waters here have the colour of deep blue and the bottom of the sea features purple and orange coral. You can only reach the blue caves by boat and you can either hire a boat to take part in one of the tours. It’s best to visit the caves in the morning to enjoy the colours of the water and keep in mind only small boats can get through the caves.

Blue Caves, Alonissos 

Located on the northeastern side of Alonissos, between the remote beaches of Strovili and Lalarias. Excursion boats depart daily from Patitiri village for surrounding beautiful islets and the remote caves. The striking water around the Blue Cave is so clear and most visitors dive off the rocks to enjoy an unforgettable swim. 

Papanikolis Cave, Lefkada 

Lefkada is known for its magical beaches (Egremni, Porto Katsiki, Kathisma) thanks to its turquoise waters and its white sandy beaches, which get their rich colour thanks to the island’s limestone. If you are looking for a unique swim on the island that’s truly spectacular, make sure to visit Papnikolis Cave. This is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Greece, that can only be reached by boat.  

Blue Grotto, Katelorizo 

The Blue Cave of Kastelorizo is famous worldwide and one of the biggest attractions to the island. This cave is said to be among the most impressive natural treasures found in the Mediterranean, as it’s larger than the Grotta Azzurra on Capri in Italy. The best time of the day to visit here is during the early morning when the sun is still low. 

Caves of Papafragas, Milos

Papafragas on Milos island features a gorgeous rectangular-shaped cove surrounded by tall cliffs and natural caves, which were the base of operations for pirates during the Byzantium and were named after the last priest (papa – Frangos). The rocks around the beach are huge and visitors can only reach them by car. 

Milk, Koufonisia 

You will find this spectacular sea cave on the way to Pori. Featuring an amazing shape, it’s named milk as the water is white due to the dust of calcium that falls from the rock. You can only get here by boat but it’s definitely worth the effort. 

The Cave, Hydra

On the island of Hydra, you can experience a breathtaking swim in a cave that is set on the most famous beach on the island. The water is spectacular and you can spend endless hours swimming through the cave and feeling a sense of serenity. 

Diatripti Cave, Skyros 

Boasting beautiful turquoise waters, you can reach Datripti by boat and there are quite a few tours to the cave throughout summer. In the caves, the colours of the water are magical, thanks to the reflection of the sun. The stalactites and the green bottom of the sea will amaze you. 

Nausica Cave in Palaiokastritsa, Corfu 

Palaiokastritsa is where you can find the cave of Nausica. Referred to as the “Capri of the Ionian Sea” Palaiokastritsa village is located on the west side of Corfu. Boasting crystal clear, turquoise waters, steep rocks and lush greenery that almost reaches the sea, this is a magnificent spot not to be missed when visiting Corfu.


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