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Be Inspired by One of Greece’s Leading Photographers

Yiorgos Kordakis is one of Greece’s leading photographers who has exhibited his stunning work across the world- including solo shows in Athens, Paris, London and Los Angeles.

The self-taught photographer has also received many prestigious awards and accolades throughout the years for his sharp, crisp and creative images that have found themselves in galleries, institutions and homes around the globe.

Tell us about your work as a photographer. When did it all begin?  

Insights Greece - Be Inspired by One of Greece's Leading Photographers

I am a self-taught photographer. Photography was not in my life plans. It was all a coincidence. By pure luck I was involved in the magazine world back in the day. We are talking  very late 90s, pre digital era- quite different from today’s world. 

How would you describe your photographic style and what subjects do you most love capturing?

Hard to describe it in words. One thing I feel reflects my style, is the fact that I am not interested in being “present”, I do like to keep a distance from whatever it is that I am taking a picture of. I love architecture – the kind I am able to see as a form of sculpture. I also love taking pictures of women, ideally within an architectural context.

What are a few sources of inspiration for your work? 

Ancient Greece, and the Cyclades are my constant sources of inspiration. I can also be inspired by the portrait of an exotic plant, a beautiful hand, or the beauty of my partner in life. I find inspiration in simple, everyday things.

You have also spent a lot of time in New York. Can you please tell us about your time working in the US?

Insights Greece - Be Inspired by One of Greece's Leading Photographers

The US and NYC in particular had been a dream of mine for many years. I feel blessed for
being able to spend the time I did there. It was an exceptionally inspirational period for me. It was also a very fun time. I invested a lot of time driving all across the country, as I wanted to explore the real America which led me to working on my “10.000 American Movies” project- my own tribute to the “Americana” subject. I feel very lucky for having the opportunity of experiencing in full the typical American Roundtrip dream to the extent that I did.

What do you enjoy most about your work? 

The fact that I get to meet a lot of people, most times beautiful people (inside and outside) is interesting. I also get to visit beautiful places. I can’t imagine a better “office”.

You mentioned you have a passion for architectural photography. Is this something you are focusing on at the moment? 

Yes, I can’t imagine not being interested  in architecture. I am sure I must have been an architect in a previous life.

You have received many international awards throughout the years, is there anything you are most proud of to date?

I don’t pay much attention to the awards. What makes me proud is when a collector decides to purchase one of my works or a person shares kind words about my work. It gives me enormous pleasure and makes it all worthwhile.

Your amazing photography has been showcased throughout many exhibitions. Are there any projects you are currently working on that will be seen in the near future?

Insights Greece - Be Inspired by One of Greece's Leading Photographers

I am working on a few projects at the moment but I am not sure when I will be ready to show some of that work – we live in weird times. If all goes well I should be showing in Basel and Venice next year, two shows that have been postponed this year due to Covid. One is a Solo and a Retrospective show , the other is a Group one, in which I will showcase some new work.

You travel around Greece quite often for work. Can you tell us a few of your favourite destinations for Spring? Summer? Autumn and Winter? 

Peloponnese and Olympia in particular is beautiful in the spring. One has to see the Archaeological Site of  Olympia when the almond trees are blooming. For the summer my favourite places are Koufonisia and Patmos. Mykonos is magical in Autumn and for the winter Pilio is the place to be.

What was the highlight of your summer travels in Greece for 2020? 

This was the first time that I brought my baby daughter with me on a business trip.

Can your work be purchased online? 

Yes, you can either visit my website yiorgoskordakis, or my Instagram account @yiorgoskordakis. You can also visit the galleries representing my work  galerie-karsten-greve or voltzclarke.


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