Holidaying with Little Ones in Greece is Child’s Play

When we told family and friends that we were travelling to Greece with our then 11-month-old baby, which entailed a 24-hour flight from Sydney to Athens, many said we were crazy!

I knew it would be an extremely different holiday to our previous kid-less travels, but I was determined to have a great time with our little girl, and that we sure did.

Insights Greece - Holidaying with Little Ones in Greece is Child's Play

Family-oriented Greeks whole-heartedly welcome babies and children of all ages. And whether you are exploring the islands, visiting archaeological sites, enjoying the stunning beaches, or just eating at a local tavern, Greece is an ideal destination to introduce kids to a fun, carefree and comfortable atmosphere, which helps create wonderful memories for the entire family.

Kids become your ticket to the front of the queue

You will find that Greeks love children and treat all kids as their own. From babies through to teenagers, locals smile at children, ask their name, age, and greet them in a lovely, warm manner. Travelling with kids to Greece really is your passport to excellent service and chances are you will be ushered to the front of the queue at airports, museums, or cafés, as Greeks understand kids have their limits, as do parents! 

Insights Greece - Holidaying with Little Ones in Greece is Child's Play
Feeding fussy little eaters has never been so easy

While travelling, many parents worry about what their children will eat, which is a fair enough concern, as many kids are used to certain foods. What’s great about Greece is any place you go, whether it’s a city, village or island, there is always a local taverna serving fresh food that is ideal for kids, as the variety is healthy, delicious and simple. From salads, vegetables, meat, and fish, through to pasta and rice dishes and of course tiganites patates (homemade chips), there is a huge selection to cater to all tastes. And don’t expect a kids’ menu, taverna food is designed to suit the entire family.

Insights Greece - Holidaying with Little Ones in Greece is Child's Play
No such thing as being bored

Trying to entertain kids while parents simultaneously enjoy themselves can be testing at the best of times, let alone while you are away from home, but what is there not to love about Greece- regardless of your age? Greek beaches are perfect for kids as the water is clear, calm and shallow and the sun is not as strong as other parts of the world, so with plenty of sunscreen, families can sit back and enjoy a full day of playing, eating and drinking by the water. And when the sun goes down kids are still riding their scooters, shooting a basketball at the school court, kicking a soccer ball around, and dancing at the local Panigiri (festival), where all kids are welcome to join in on the fun. Here you can forget about curfews and routines and enjoy yourself without feeling guilty the kids aren’t asleep at a certain time.

Sleep Like Babies

When it comes time to tuck them into bed, chances are they won’t have much energy left to resist as they should be worn out after a jam-packed day at the beach, followed by dinner, which is capped off with a night stroll and some ice-cream. By the time you head back to the hotel, your kids will be ready for a good night’s sleep… then wake up and start all over again!

Stay tuned as IN+SIGHTS GREECE will be sharing lots of family-friendly tips and ideas for you to be able to discover Greece all-year-round with kids of all ages.

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