Marbella Elix, a Stunning New Luxury Resort

It is easy to see why Marbella Elix is popular with discerning families who look for fun and convenience. Calm, modern design rooms peer over dense olive groves and azure waters- a place to stow away and let off steam. This is most certainly Epirus’ best-kept secret!

Shy of the beautiful town of Parga, Marbella Elix is a luxury hotel where relaxation and tranquillity acquire a whole new meaning, where all-inclusive does not confuse abundance with quality and where food is seasonally sourced and cooked. It is no surprise after all that Marbella Elix was included in Condé Nast Traveller’s 2022 Hot List!

Style & Feel

Amphitheatrically built and perched on a hill by Karavostasi beach, Marbella Elix visitors are amazed by the big glass walls and sea views once entering the lobby. “Blue as far as the eye can see” is what everyone kept saying to each other whilst the concierge took care of our luggage.

The lobby lounge has a laid-back feeling that makes you want to spend your evening gazing into the deep blue water. It works overtime as a cafe and bar and does a pretty good job of calming you down especially if you have travelled all day long. The interior decor is a well-matched mix of local traditional elements and Moroccan features- think of big armchairs, wooden tables, metal lanterns with an antiqued bronze finish and soothing neutral beach colours, it sold me!


I’ve expressed my love for the Marbella Collection 5-star hotels many times in the past. I had the pleasure of staying at the Marbella Corfu and I have also visited the Nido Suites but this was the first time I stayed at the Marbella Elix and from the first glance I could tell that the same quality and attention to detail applied here, too.

Tall handmade headboard? Check. Contemporary details mixed with classic features? Check. Impeccable interior decoration? Check. Big rainfall shower? Check. Coupled with a big balcony, comfy sunloungers and a big glass deck railing to make the most of the breathtaking sea views and views to the islands of Corfu, Paxos, and Antipaxos, it was difficult not to fall in love with the place.

I loved every detail, from the cushions in the living room to the natural variations in the grain and colour of the wooden wardrobe! 

There are multiple rooms- some have their private swimming pools others are closer to the beach. Our room was next to the swimming pool and Indigo bar, as soon as we checked in we took a stroll around before ending up in the baby swimming pool with our little M practising her swimming moves.


I have already waxed lyrical about the food at Marbella Elix; it is freshly cooked with locally sourced ingredients and caters for all tastes and preferences. There is a little fine dining corner for those who seek luxury and then there’s Greek food, seafood and special dietary requirements food catering to vegans and people with intolerances. And by vegan food, I mean spinach risotto and vegetable moussaka, not just fries and boiled veggies.

Those with a sweet tooth wouldn’t be left unsatisfied either. Marbella Elix has a magnificent selection of desserts you must save room for; from perfectly baked Greek sweet pies to white chocolate mousse and mocha pots de creme, it was nearly impossible not to try at least two different puddings at a time.

Decadent, rich, full of flavours, a proper feast for the eyes!

To top the dining experience off, the hotel offers a culinary series called Greek Chefs Abroad where, as the name suggests, Greek Chefs from abroad cook for the hotel’s guests giving them the chance to taste menus they wouldn’t have the opportunity to do so otherwise.


The beautiful beach of Karavostasi unfolding below the hotel is easily reached by the funicular railway, making access to the sea easier if you have mobility issues or if you are carrying a baby stroller around like myself. But if you are more of a swimming pool type, the infinity pool at the Indigo bar will no doubt have you smitten with its striped bean bag sunloungers, sea views and calming scenery.

Into sports and outdoor activities? Then, go trekking in the pine forest hills surrounding the hotel or go kayaking in the colling waters of the Ionian Sea. Into relaxation and mindfulness? Visit the spa, join one of the yoga classes at the gym or, even better, follow one of the Digi Detox Activities! Looking for kids’ activities? Let your kids join “The Grasshoppers” Kids Club  & Creche. Supervised and cared for by multilingual childcare professionals this club offers activities for those between four months and 12 years, letting the parents the time to soak up the sun by the pool and enjoy the serenity of their private balcony.

Marbella Elix is truly a place that caters to everyone’s liking!

Until now, I had the softest spot for Marbella Corfu, but I think I’ve found a Marbella Collection hotel that’s taken over the top spot! We had the most wonderful time at Marbella Elix and I cannot wait to return back soon.

The post-lockdown Greek tourism explosion is real so if any of you reading this are thinking of a last-minute holiday in Greece, this is the time to do it or book your trip for next summer – any excuse to start planning your next adventure, right?

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Exploring the Splendid Archeron River 

The Acheron River, set 25km from Parga, is a local gem that supplies the entire area with refreshing H2O. With abundant vegetation and crystal clear water, it’s surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape. 


Insights Greece - Exploring the Splendid Archeron River 

Its springs are located in Ioannina, on the mount Tomaros, at an altitude of 1600 m. The river runs through Preveza and Thesprotia and flows into the Ionian Sea, to the village of Ammoudia. The springs of the Acheron River are an area of outstanding natural beauty are close to the villages of Kanalaki and Glyki.

Getting there

The best way is by car and the area is easily accessible through motorways. From the village of Gliki, you can follow the road signs for “Acheron Springs.” If you haven’t hired a car, you can book a trip with a local travel agent and visit with a tour group. 


Apart from the natural beauty, the springs of Acheron are known worldwide for their mythological contents. In Ancient Greek mythology, Acheron was one of the five rivers of the Greek underworld. According to tradition, Zeus was devastated when the Titans drank from the water, and the ancient Olympian god of the sky condemned the river to remain eternally under the earth while its water became darker. 

Insights Greece - Exploring the Splendid Archeron River 

What you will find here

In many parts of the river where the water flow is normal, there are lakes and water pits that are home to a range of amphibians and fish. In other locations, the river flows through steep and high cliffs. In the rocky side slopes of Acheron, there are many birds of prey that nest in the forest slopes of the canyon.

Acheron River is worth the visit for its magnificent transparent water and
the surrounding rocky landscape. It should definitely be on the list when visiting Parga or any of its nearby areas, as it retains its unspoiled natural beauty and secret energy. Exploring the flows from the mountains of Souli Epirus until it reaches the Ionian Sea in Ammoudia Beach is a memorable experience. 


Just a few km away from the sea, there is a forest with exotic-looking plants growing in the water. After you cross the forest, you will see the edge of the river, reaching the imposing Roman bridge, where you can sit and have lunch. Today, the Acheron River is an ecosystem that is recognised and a protected area by the Natura 2000 Network.

Insights Greece - Exploring the Splendid Archeron River 

What to do 

Apart from exploring the natural wonders, you can also enjoy some great local dishes at one of the nearby restaurants. For adventurous types, along the river is pathways for hiking and rafting activities. The landscape is hilly and green with surrounding elm and oak trees. And for those who don’t mind the cool temperature, make sure you take an unforgettable dip in the extremely cold crystal clear waters at any given opportunity.

Adventure sports

• Horse-riding at Piges

• Paragliding at Paramythia

• Rafting, kayak, canoe-kayak at Stena

• Mountain-bike along the river

• Canyoning at Stena

• A caique mini cruise at the Acheron estuary

• Swimming in the cold waters of the river

Nearby discoveries

• The historical villages of Souli

• The beautiful town of Parga

• The necromantic oracle of Acheron

• The remains and the Museum of the Ancient Nikopolis

• The town of Preveza

• The Ancient Theatre of Dodoni and Ancient Kassiopi

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