New Luxury Resort & Hotels Set to Open in Fokida

A new golf resort, which will be able to host international golf tournaments, as well as other high-end hotels are scheduled to open up in the region of Fokida- aiming to attract golfers and those seeking a luxurious, peaceful, and unique stay in Central Greece. 

Reportedly budgeted at 300 million euros and set to create around 1,500 jobs for locals once completed, the main resort will feature a 36-hole golf course, a 5-star hotel, conference and leisure venues, restaurants, bars, as well as a wellness village. Landscaping is planned to include artificial lakes and trees.

Insights Greece - New Luxury Resort & Hotels Set to Open in Fokida

The resort, to be constructed in Desfina, is expected to boost luxury tourism to the wider region, which includes destinations such as Delphi, Itea, Galaxidi, and Arachova. Other real estate development projects have also been approved nearby.  

This includes the Doric Dune settlement, which has already been designed as a part of the Delphi Golf-Resort and is located in the area of Makranikolas, the southernmost part of the prefecture of Fokida at a distance of 22 kilometres from the Central Hotel unit.

The property boasts short-term accommodation spaces, which will operate all year round. It is aimed at visitors who want to experience the uniqueness of the natural landscape of Dorida, which boasts great views of the Corinthian Gulf. 

Insights Greece - New Luxury Resort & Hotels Set to Open in Fokida

The spaces are designed with relaxation and meditation in mind, and are located in a quiet and remote spot, 18 kilometres from the nearest settlement. 

In the first phase of the design, four subterranean “cave” like spaces have been built, (from the proposed 16 in total) with the main inspiration being the Corinthian Gulf.

Two semi-roofed communal pools will allow guests to enjoy a swim all year round, regardless of the weather.  

Each unit is around 60 sqm and can accommodate up to five people. The materials, style, and decor are fresh and raw and the approach has a clear reference to Doric motifs; featuring limestone, colourful clay plaster, and whitish cement mortar- the space has a real earthy and natural look/ feel about it. 

Where is Fokida? 

The prefecture of Fokida is centrally located in Central Greece. It is a green mountainous area, on the Corinthian Gulf with several small beaches. The most famous destination in Fokida is Delphi

Images of Doric Dune via Lakruz Atelier