Panepistimiou St, Athens Set to Receive Major Makeover

By the end of the year, Athens Municipality will begin working on the redevelopment of central Panepistimiou St, located in the heart of the city. 

According to the City of Athens, the renovation is part of a general urban redevelopment plan and will cost around 3 million euros. It is scheduled to begin at the end of 2021, and is expected to take up to 15 months to complete, the municipality announced.

Panepistimiou St, covers a great part of the city’s centre including all the major banks, ministerial seats, universities, and a variety of stores. 

Insights Greece - Panepistimiou St, Athens Set to Receive Major Makeover

Some shopping arcades are found along its length, as well as several museums and historical buildings such as the National Library, the Greek University and other well-known sites. The long road starts at Amalias Ave and ends at Alexandras Ave.

The new eco-friendly project is said to create an additional 19,360 m2 of public space and 2,260 m2 of green areas, which will include 87 new trees, as well as bike routes and recreational areas. The project has been influenced by similar urban plans that can be found in other European cities including Paris and Berlin.  

Insights Greece - Panepistimiou St, Athens Set to Receive Major Makeover

According to the municipality, the aim of the project is to enhance the standard of living in the urban centre and to make it more accessible and friendlier to locals and international visitors. Authorities also said that they have been mindful of the need to complete work in stages, to try and minimise disruption to the capital.

Athens’ general urban redevelopment project also includes a major upgrade to Syntagma Square, with works already commencing on park projects, pedestrian walkways, and renovations to city squares.