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Staying at a Blissful Private Residence in Folegandros

An old authentic Cycladic home on the island of Folegandros has been restored into a stunning villa with impeccable views and a bohemian vibe.  

Folegandros is my favourite island, so as soon as the opportunity arose, of course, I jumped at the chance to go back. This Cycladic island with its impeccable wild beauty allows me to feel completely carefree every time I set foot on it.

This time I was invited to explore the brand new Makarias Villa, a “re-creation” of Blue Sand Hotel and Suites, a boutique stay at Agali beach.  

Makarias Villa is a separate residence, blissfully set on a tranquil edge of Ano Meria village, just 3 km from Agali beach. Katerina, the owner who is also an interior designer, used her old family home as a canvas. The house was completely restored, with respect to the local architectural tradition and has now been turned into Makarias Villa. “Makarios” in Greek means happy, and this is exactly what you become when you stay here. 

This fully renovated, unique escape blends the owners’ love for vintage and coastal interiors, high-quality amenities, and sleek, rustic-inspired elements. But what is really remarkable is that the restoration preserves and reveals all the traditional elements of this off-white cubic house. Small windows that used to protect locals from the strong winds are now the medium through which natural gleam plays a game of light and shadow with the white walls, highlighting the interior’s fine details. 

The layout is preserved as it was. You can imagine the old owners (Katerina’s grandparents) living in the spaces, especially in the kitchen, where the modern amenities have been blended in so masterfully that nothing seems odd or starkly modern. Everything at Makarias villa is in harmony with the particular local feel. The decor is in touch with the eternal style of island architecture; and the bohemian feel blends in beautifully with a modern minimalistic design using ageless materials such as wood, stone, and forged cement. 

The Cycladic, earthy exterior offers a peaceful setting with an outdoor sitting area and a small private heated plunge pool with a hot tub and comfy wooden sunbeds- that provide bedazzling views to the turquoise Aegean Sea, which is only a few hundred metres away. The scenery is an explosion of bright colours, where an orange and pink palette dives down to the sea. The sense of freedom from there is incomparable- allowing guests the chance to really relax and unwind. Artfully combining seclusion and privacy amidst unspoiled nature, Makarias Villa is perfect for stargazing, endless tranquillity, and certainly an abundance of pure, summer Mediterranean breeze. 

For those in each of the ultimate traditional Folegandros island experience; with a passion for cultural authenticity, privacy, and a bohemian vibe- the brand new Makarias Villa will definitely please. Leave everything behind and indulge at a place that makes you feel at home (with a jaw-dropping oceanfront setting overlooking the azure bay as well). 


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