Designer studio THE SAINT OF ATHENS teamed up with Dive Architects to come up with what is described as being a surreal, summer idea.

Cosmopolitan and picturesque places like Mykonos tend to trap themselves in a dipole of rigid tradition versus forced extravagance. Thankfully, emblematic Italian jewellery brand GAVELLO Milano came up with a solution that transcends the island’s stereotypes with a creative aesthetic idea.

GAVELLO nel blu by SAINT OF ATHENS and Dive Architects, is a jewellery store within a pool, as in, a typical Cycladic store (as seen from the outside) designed to resemble a pool on the inside. 

Light blue tiles, beach balls, striped bolsters, lockers, and a pool ladder on the wall create an oh-so-familiar ambience and evoke an oblique summer feeling. 

Mirrors, cushions, custom terrazzo display cases, and display cones & cylinders (on which someone might even want to hang their towel) serve as practical elements as well as conceptual props that enhance the pool concept. A few square meters are enough for interior design to show its surreally ingenious side and for opulent products to acquire a whole new market context.

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Photography by Gavriil Papadiotis

Stelios Bouras

A journalist for nearly two decades, Stelios has covered everything in the Greek capital, ranging from the politics and the economy to dancing architects and the souvlaki. Writing is his passion. After covering Greece for The Wall Street Journal and Reuters, he is now narrowing in on real estate and architecture. He believes that homes are more than a place to eat and sleep in and that light, design and space shape lives, along with the features of a building. Originally from Melbourne, he knows how to break down complex Greek issues into easy to understand stories for a foreign audience. He writes on real estate and the economy on his blog

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