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Mykonos Jewellery Store Designed to Look Like a Pool 

Designer studio THE SAINT OF ATHENS teamed up with Dive Architects to come up with what is described as being a surreal, summer idea.

Cosmopolitan and picturesque places like Mykonos tend to trap themselves in a dipole of rigid tradition versus forced extravagance. Thankfully, emblematic Italian jewellery brand GAVELLO Milano came up with a solution that transcends the island’s stereotypes with a creative aesthetic idea.

GAVELLO nel blu by SAINT OF ATHENS and Dive Architects, is a jewellery store within a pool, as in, a typical Cycladic store (as seen from the outside) designed to resemble a pool on the inside. 

Light blue tiles, beach balls, striped bolsters, lockers, and a pool ladder on the wall create an oh-so-familiar ambience and evoke an oblique summer feeling. 

Mirrors, cushions, custom terrazzo display cases, and display cones & cylinders (on which someone might even want to hang their towel) serve as practical elements as well as conceptual props that enhance the pool concept. A few square meters are enough for interior design to show its surreally ingenious side and for opulent products to acquire a whole new market context.

This article was first published here. 

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Photography by Gavriil Papadiotis


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