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Milos Becomes Stunning Backdrop for Louis Vuitton’s Travel Campaign 

Move over Mykonos! Milos has now become the fashion world’s favourite Cycladic island. 

After being named Vogue magazine’s “place to be” in 2017, this idyllic Greek island fast became one of Europe’s hottest summer destinations- especially amongst celebrities, stylists, influencers, models, designers, and fashion houses- including Louis Vuitton, who recently chose Milos as a beautiful setting to promote its latest luxury travel collection. 

Louis Vuitton has taken its worldwide followers on a dreamlike journey to Milos, as the luxury brand has just revealed its latest travel campaign shot by talented photographer Viviane Sassen. The images aimed to highlight and celebrate the art of travel as well as the wonderful journey that transcends time, borders, and landscapes.

 “Rich in ancient history, the Greek island of Milos becomes a playground of discovery for a group of local schoolchildren. With their innocent curiosity, their silhouettes emerge from the landscape to convey a limitless sense of optimism and freedom,” writes Louis Vuitton in its press campaign; adding “as if in a reverie, silhouettes of children emerge from these richly contrasting landscapes, and one’s imagination takes flight between past, present, and future.”

LV has 45.6 million followers on Instagram alone- allowing their global audience to catch a glimpse of Milos’ striking beaches and breathtaking landscapes, which complement the brand’s leading range of travel accessories including luggage, totes, trunks, pouches, and duffle bags stamped with the famous “LV” logo. 

After Milos, Viviane Sassen (a frequent collaborator with the brand) will continue her journey with Louis Vuitton, on to Jordan and France “in this ongoing invitation to travel within.”

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton 


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