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Exploring Nimborio, Halki’s Picturesque Harbour

Halki is a beautiful Greek island in the Dodecanese, located about 6 kilometres west of Rhodes. It’s the smallest inhabited island of the Dodecanese (with only 250 permanent residence) however it boasts the most picturesque harbour, which is one of the most beautiful in all of Greece.

Insights Greece - Exploring Nimborio, Halki's Picturesque Harbour
Picturesque harbour

You can easily spend hours on end strolling Nimborio’s charming little alleyways, lined with colourful bougainvillaea-decorated mansions, as the absence of cars allows you to really relax, unwind and not have a care about time. 

Nimborio is the port and only settlement of the island and the beautiful Venetian style houses are set around a horseshoe-shaped bay. The colourful houses feature pastel shades of mostly pink, salmon and beige. The houses are all similar, with two or three floors and roofs made of ceramic tiles.

The roughly 250 inhabitants are known for their hospitality and friendly nature and make visitors feel right at home. One of the most pleasing things is sitting at one of the local cafes along the harbour and enjoying ouzo, as you play a game of tavli (backgammon) and savour traditional delicacies (make sure you try the locally produced prickly pears and makarounia- handmade pasta). 

As you walk along you will discover some of the more than 360 churches, the remnants of a medieval castle and Chorio, the island’s ancient capital, which lies at the foot of the castle.

Insights Greece - Exploring Nimborio, Halki's Picturesque Harbour
Bell Tower

Landmarks of the town are the Byzantine bell tower and a dramatic backdrop of rugged mountains guarded by three windmills. Do not miss the church of Agios Nikolaos,(Patron Saint and Protector of the island), built in 1861, with its magnificent bell tower whose base leans over an arch made of ancient marbles. The clock tower stands before the Town Hall, and the building of Hiona Vouvali, once used for storing sponge supplies.

At the main square is where you will find some beautiful taverns and cafés, shops that sell everything from jewellery and sandals to ceramics and local sweets. And when you need to cool off, climb down the steps from the harbour into the crystal clear water for an unforgettable swim. 

Getting there

The quickest way to get to Halki is a ferry ride from Rhodes; boats depart regularly from the port of Rhodes.  


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