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Eleni Stasinopoulou: The Hotel Trotter

Eleni Stasinopoulou, creator of the popular blog The Hotel Trotter, has been a fashion and lifestyle journalist for 20 years and a contributor to many leading Greek publications, including Harpers Bazaar, Madame Figaro and InStyle. 

Recognised as a social media influencer, Eleni hosts a series of styling seminars and also appears on popular Greek television shows, sharing her style and fashion tips.  

With a keen eye for detail and an absolute obsession with hotels, Eleni has created a blog that allows her to visit a range of hotels- staying in the nicest rooms with a view, while reviewing lobby designs, buffet breakfasts, sunset drinks, poolside lounges, and private beaches! 

IN+SIGHTS GREECE recently spoke with Eleni about her amazing career and her favourite hotels in Greece. 

Can you please tell us about your work as Editor in Chief of numerous leading Greek publications? 

Insights Greece - Eleni Stasinopoulou: The Hotel Trotter

As long as I remember myself, I always wanted to work in the media industry. I started as a fashion editor in women’s magazines and went on to participate in the introduction of digital media in Greece. The last eight years I have been a web editor in chief for the lifestyle sites of Attica Media Group (MadameFigaro,, among them) and have loved every moment. It’s a non-stop – sometimes exhausting job- but at the same time a very exciting and creative one. Working for digital media is like a youth elixir. I think this job will keep me forever young!

When did your wanderlust begin and how did it feel when you were able to combine your everyday work with your love for travel?

Ι grew up believing that every hotel is an exciting parallel universe. I believe in hotel magic! Magic happens every single time. A nice hotel can turn me into a much better version of myself. Show me the reception and I instantly forget all my everyday chaos. I am always ready to move into this world of liberating temporality, where vacation mode is switched on.

What do you enjoy most about your work? 

Apart from this, my job always gave me the chance to enjoy unique travel experiences as well as a stay at great hotels. Long before Instagram existed, I used to take snapshots of my hotel rooms, breakfasts and views. In 2015, this habit of mine became my Instagram account @thehoteltrotter. Sometime after this, I also created my blog. TheHotelTrotter focuses on this obsession of mine, the hotel life which to me symbolises a much needed carefree mode of living. With the mere of a fashion and lifestyle editor, I hope to inspire all stylish connoisseurs of travelling.

What was the highlight(s) of your travels throughout summer 2020 in Greece? 

Insights Greece - Eleni Stasinopoulou: The Hotel Trotter

Visiting popular Greek islands such as Patmos, Mykonos, Santorini, Zakynthos without the crowds of tourists was a unique experience but I hope this will never happen again and tourism will go back to normal very very soon.

In Greece, which would you say are your favourite hotels for A) luxury stay B) wellbeing retreat C) best design/decor 

Due to its legacy and location, Kinsterna in Monemvasia is a unique hotel in Greece. Poseidonion at Spetses offers an unforgettable experience. It is one of the few Grand Dame hotels in Greece. Euphoria Retreat at Mystras is an amazing holistic destination and spa-like no one else in the country. Architecture at Olea All Suite in Zakynthos is awesome and so Instagram -worthy. Dexamenes Seaside is an architectural project that has gathered publicity from all around the world, having transformed old wine tanks to a boutique hotel. I could go on forever.

In 2020, what do you believe makes a hotel shine? 

Safety, uniqueness, thoughtfulness, interesting details (that enhance the experience, the design, the food etc) and location, location, location!

You are a fashion/beauty editor, can you please tell us your personal style. And what do always pack with you when you travel? 

I like versatile clothes that can take you from morning to night. I love blazers, which I combine with everything from elegant skirts to casual jeans and also dresses because they can instantly change a look. Apart from these (blazers and dresses), I like to pack sarongs and espadrilles (if it’s summer) and mid-heel boots and scarves (if it’s winter). I have a travel beauty kit with small sizes of my beauty essentials, which I always take with me.

Over the cooler months, where do you love spending time in Greece? And what are your travel plans for this winter? 

I usually travel to Europe and especially Paris, which is the city I can’t stop falling in love with. My next plans included Portugal and Jordan but like everybody, I will have to wait a bit… Let’s hope that we all will start to travel again soon.

For people planning to visit Greece in autumn/winter for the first time, do you have any tips and advice on where to go? 

Athens is a must. It is such a lively city with amazing small boutique and large luxe hotels, a cool art scene and great museums. The Peloponnese and Pelion are also wonderful destinations, full of picturesque villages and cultural must-sees.


IG: elenista  thehoteltrotter 


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