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Athens’ Top 5 Cafes for a Rainy Day

When it rains, there’s nothing better than finding a spot inside one of Athens’ cosy cafes, sitting back and sipping on a warm cup of herbal tea or coffee of your choice, while opening up a book and enjoying some good old fashion reading. So, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favourite cafes where you can do just that!  

Tree Book Café
A bookshop-café where you can get as flirty as you can get nerdy, this charming Makryianni hangout serves coffee, tea and light snacks with a side of literature. If you want to read undisturbed by chatter it’s probably preferable to sit inside, where it’s a little quieter, but either way, the stylishly bookish atmosphere will inspire you to hold up your book with pride.

A: Kavalotti 2, Makryianni

Insights Greece - Athens' Top 5 Cafes for a Rainy Day

To Tsai

This is Athens’ only real tea room, with a minimalist Japanese -colonial feel and a huge range of teas from around the world, served properly by expert staff. As you may imagine the ambience is tranquil, ideal for tea lovers who enjoy a non-frenetic chat and who like to savour their tea as much as the silence. This is a great place to cozy up with a good read while sipping premium matcha.

A: Alexandrou Soutsou 29, Kolonaki

Just because this place has such an artsy and intellectual vibe, it’s ideal for doing something as civilized as reading a good book. Apart from the large ground-floor bar-café area, there is also an upstairs lounge where you can discover the solitude – or something closer to it – that you seek on a busier day.

A: Pireos 84, Gazi

The Daily
Perhaps the only real remaining ‘residential’, laid back café in shop- and people-centric Kolonaki, The Daily is a great place – day or night – to enjoy some page-turning solo time. It’s central but not too much so and serves refreshing homemade teas and lemonade as well as quality coffee.

A: Xenokratous 47, Kolonaki

The Underdog

If you like reading while sipping amazing coffee in a naturally-lit, airy space, this is the place for you. Housed in a neoclassical villa and with small tables as well as a long bench, this leafy, high-ceilinged locale was designed for individuals. Since it opened it has received numerous annual barista awards and apart from excellent coffee and a soothing vibe it also serves a delicious brunch menu.

A: Iraklidon 8, Thissio


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