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Top 10 Things to do in Lindos

The picturesque town of Lindos, with its archaeological ruins, magnificent beaches and incredible views from the castle, is a place that deserves a visit when making your way over to Rhodes! 

Lindos is one of the most stunning archaeological sites in all of Greece. The views from up top are breathtaking and the town itself features picturesque cobblestone alleyways that lead to a range of shops and eateries in a charming setting. 

Here are the Top 10 Things to do in Lindos 

1. Walk up to the Ancient Acropolis 

Insights Greece - Top 10 Things to do in Lindos
Stroll through the alleys

The ancient Acropolis of Lindos is one of the most popular sites of antiquity. This beautiful blend of ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and medieval architecture is set on a majestic hilltop and is home to a 115m-high Acropolis dedicated to the goddess Athena. Built during the Bronze Age (4th Century BC), as well as a castle from the Crusader era, The Acropolis is certainly worth a visit but we recommend you can get there early in the morning to avoid the heat and the crowds. 

2. Wonder Through the Town

The town of Lindos is really pretty and when visiting, it’s a wonderful idea to walk through the picturesque cobblestone alleyways that lead you to a range of shops where you can pick up some locally made products. Built on a slope, the town during summer is filled with local and international visitors shopping or buying gifts, including decorative plates and other ceramics made by local artisans.  You can easily get lost within the narrow streets ordering handmade gelato, picking up a Freddo Cappuccino from one of the many cafes, and finding plenty of beautiful stores that sell lovely jewellery and sandals. We recommend starting in the main town square and strolling slowly through to St Paul’s Bay (do this in the late afternoon). 

3. Admire the Unique Architecture

Featuring narrow, pebble-stone streets (with lovely mosaic designs), Lindos has its own unique look. The houses of Lindos stand out with their traditional architecture and design. As you walk through the village you will come across an array of white-washed villas with entrances that lead into gorgeous bougainvillea-filled courtyards. Lindos is also renowned for its black-and-white pebble mosaic flooring, and artfully designed patterns that create a special charm.

4. Swim at St Paul’s Bay 

Insights Greece - Top 10 Things to do in Lindos
Spend a day at St. Pauls Bay

This picturesque beach in Lindos is located on the southeast coast of Rhodes. St Paul is said to have stayed here in 51 AD and a small church has been built in his honour. The bay is both shallow and protected from winds, making it ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Sunbeds and cabanas are available and waiters walk by taking orders. On the beach menu, you will find a list of cocktails, beers, wines, juices, as well as light snacks, salads, and burgers. If you prefer table seating, Tambakio Restaurant is set on the edge of the water and open for lunch between 12 noon – 4 pm, and later on for dinner. 

5. Explore the Ancient Theatre 

This ancient amphitheater dates back to the 4th century BC and boasts a grand stage and orchestra as well as capacity for around 1800 spectators and was often used for musical shows and athletic competitions. The site is located just 10 minutes from the central square in Lindos and is free to visit.

6. Visit the Church of Panagia 

The Church of Panagia is a holy Greek Orthodox chapel located right in the heart of Lindos town. It was originally built around 1300 but has been restored several times over the centuries, most recently during the Italian occupation (1927). The church still features much of its original Byzantine-style architecture. Its most famous feature is the high-rise, stone bell tower, a typical feature of churches around Rhodes island. Inside you will find  19th-century frescoes and icons depicting Holy Saints and Panagia (Virgin Mary). The Church of Panagia also has a small museum next door and on August 15, there is a huge Feast Day held here.  

7. Catch the Sunset from a Rooftop 

Insights Greece - Top 10 Things to do in Lindos
Rooftop at Cesar’s Meze Bar

Lindos has so many amazing rooftop bars, restaurants, and cafes with stunning views over the whitewashed villas and the Acropolis. One of the best things to do is to get here just before sunset (after a long day at the beach) and order a glass of your favourite drink, while soaking in the breathtaking views as the sun is setting. With so many to choose from, we recommend checking out Cesar Meze Bar; an award-winning restaurant and bar that also has a rooftop pool and seating with magical views of the entire town. Also try Cozze Champagne Bar and Restaurant, which serves lush cocktails, and also add Rainbird Bar and Dreams Cocktail Bar to your list- no matter which one you choose, you won’t be disappointed! 

8. Enjoy Fabulous Seafood With Incredible Views 

Lindos has a good range of seafood and fresh fish on offer, so make sure you indulge in the prawns, octopus, sardines, as well as other local dishes that Rhodes’ is renowned for; including Dolmadakia, which are called “Giaprakia” here, and freshly made pies (pies). Sit at one of the picturesque side-street restaurants or seafront tavernas and soak in the atmosphere. Some of the best rooftop restaurants include Melenos, Stefany’s, and Timis. Also check out Mavrikos (for great local dishes), Broccolino (for good Italian), and Blue Fin (for amazing modern cuisine). Also add Byzantino, Ktima, Palestra, Olive Street, and Alex’s Beachfront Restaurant to your list of places to try. For breakfast, we recommend Village Cafe, for homemade lemonade or coffee go to Captain’s House, and for gelato or other sweets head to Gelo Blu.

9. Climb to the Top of the Hill 

Make sure you wake up early and climb to the top of the hill. If you venture north of the beach, go for a long walk until you get up top and explore the impressive views of the Acropolis and white buildings of Lindos from afar. 

10. Stay in Style

Insights Greece - Top 10 Things to do in Lindos
Casita Casita

If you are travelling without kids and looking for a special place to stay, we recommend Caesars Gardens; an adults-only resort that’s only a stone-throw away from the vibrant village. Also check out the boutique hotel Melenos Lindos Exclusive Suites, which features 17th-century Lindian architecture.

If you are in search of a wonderful house, look at Casita Casita, which has views of the Acropolis and a private swimming pool. And in July an exciting new hotel AF Lindia is opening its doors. 

Getting there

The distance from Rhodes city to Lindos is 47Km. It takes about 55 minutes to drive from the centre of the city of Rhodes to Lindos. You can either hire a car and drive over, or you can organise a taxi, private driver, or catch a bus, which regularly departs from Rhodes Town. 


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