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The Most Instagrammable Places to Visit in Santorini 

Santorini is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque islands in Greece, making it a paradise for photographers and influencers looking for stunning photos to highlight on their Instagram feeds.

The Cycladic Island is home to charming white-washed villages perched on cliffs overlooking the caldera and some beautiful beaches with distinct volcanic black sand. If you’re heading to this beautiful island and want to capture stunning photos for your Instagram, here’s our pick for the most Instagrammable places to visit in Santorini.

Perivolos Beach         

As one of the most picturesque spots in Santorini, Perivolos Beach is a popular location for wedding receptions and a favourite among Instagrammers looking to capture that perfect beach photo. What makes this beach stand out is that it’s covered in volcanic black sand, different from what you’ll see on the beaches of the Greek islands. 

The lively beach is brimming with activities and a popular spot for water activities such as windsurfing, jet skiing, and scuba diving. Those not keen on playing will find plenty of sun loungers to relax. The beach has sports amenities including volleyball courts. In fact, Perivolos Beach is host to beach volleyball tournaments. 

Perivolos Beach is also renowned for its amazing parties. It’s home to some of the best beach bars in Santorini, playing cool tunes all day. Some bars include swimming pools to relax in as you sip your favourite cocktail, and despite the crowd, you will find plenty of spots to capture that perfect Instagram shot.

The best way to reach Perivolos Beach is by car. It lies on the island’s southern end, close to Perissa Beach, another famous beach in Santorini. If you’re coming from Fira, Perivolos Beach is about 10 kilometres away. There are also plenty of luxury villas in Santorini, particularly near Perivolos Beach, that offer a variety of options for an amazing escape in one of the world’s most captivating destinations. 

Oìa Windmill

The windmills of Santorini are among the island’s most photographed spots. While you’ll find many windmills across the island, the Oia Windmill will no doubt stand out on your Instagram feed. The famous windmill of Oia is among the island’s most iconic landmarks, adding an extra charm to the island’s picturesque landscapes and appearing in thousands of photos taken by visitors.

Like the rest of the Cyclades, Santorini is windy. Taking advantage of the strong winds, locals built windmills for grinding and producing flour. Many of these windmills remain, including the one in Oia. Although they are no longer functional, they remain preserved and serve as a reminder of the island’s past. Some of the windmills date back as early as the 14th century. 

While the windmills look beautiful at any time of the day, they are especially magical at sunset. In fact, if you want to capture it in all its glory, come here at sunset. But try to visit early to find the perfect spot since it could get crowded.

There are plenty of bars and restaurants close to the windmills of Oia, offering the perfect spot to marvel at the windmills from a distance. You can take photos of the windmills from these establishments, with the stunning Aegean Sea as the backdrop.

The Pink Church      

A fantastic suggestion is to join one of the luxury tours of Greece’s treasures available, where you can immerse yourself in its magnificent history and awe-inspiring scenery while capturing the greatest Instagram-worthy moments. You’ll come across interesting sites, each with its own unique charm, just begging to grace your social media feed.

As you traverse the Greek landscapes, you might discover enchanting churches like those in Santorini, which have already become iconic on Instagram, often showcased by some of the world’s most popular influencers. But the church with the pink facade stands out among them. The church sits next to a blue domed chapel, with the stunning, deep blue ocean in the backdrop. While it looks magnificent in photos, you’ll appreciate its beauty even more in person. With its gorgeous facade, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most Instagrammable places to visit in Santorini.

Getting to the area where the pink church is can be tricky since it requires passing through a private road. Guests staying at a nearby hotel can get to the church with no issues. But even if you’re not staying in the area, you should not have any problems passing the road to reach the pink church. 

Of course, always respect the locals living nearby when taking a picture of the area. Also, avoid climbing to the rooftop, no matter how tempting it might be. The best time to capture the beauty of the pink church is early in the morning when there is enough light.

Oìa Castle      

The Venetian Castle of Agios Nikolaos in Oia is another popular destination for Instagrammers and photographers. It’s also a famous spot for sunset viewing, with scores of tourists gathering around the castle to witness the spectacular view. The castle’s name comes from a lovely church carved into a rock, built in honour of Agios Nikolaos.

The castle’s existence dates back to the late 15th century, during incessant pirate raids and when the Cycladic Islands were under the rule of the Franks. Nowadays, the castle boasts breathtaking views of the caldera and the vast Aegean Sea. It lures crowds of visitors waiting to capture Santorini’s famous magical sunsets in the most picturesque surroundings.


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