Immerse Yourself in the Graceful Movement Retreat 

If you would like to start your summer drenched in sunshine, solace, and serenity, you may want to learn more about The Graceful Movement Retreat, where you can immerse yourself in five days of yoga and pilates classes taught by former classic New York ballet dancer Jennifer Dimitriou.

Realign Retreats has teamed up with The Graceful Movement to create the ultimate holistic getaway at Euphoria Retreats – a leading wellbeing resort tucked away in a lush hillside in the Peloponnese.  

In early June, guests are invited to experience a unique movement practice along with award-winning spa facilities, and authentic cuisine – making this retreat a complete haven for anyone in search of relaxation and self-discovery. 

We recently spoke with Jennifer Dimitriou and Elena Falida about their upcoming retreat that’s designed to cultivate a deep connection between the body, mind and spirit.  

Can you tell us a bit about your unique teaching style? 

Jennifer: It’s a fluid and elegant mix of yoga, pilates and ballet-inspired movement that’s especially focused on developing good posture, whole-body strength and mobility through graceful movements. My passion is to get as many people as I can to move well on and off the mat. I teach to my audience not to my agenda and I am a stickler for teaching good form because without that, the work is not effective; people get injured, and they won’t want to come back. Also, I never script anything, all of my classes are different and sometimes there’s more of a focus on one of the movement methods including yoga, pilates, or ballet barre. For me, the most important aspect of teaching is watching people transform. I believe in exchanging and creating good energy. Lastly, I’m a performer, so I love to move people – getting them out of their heads and into their bodies, which means a lot of laughing and fun. I want them to walk out feeling inspired and ready to take on their day spreading good energy.

What will be the main focus for your upcoming retreat? 

Jennifer: We all need different things, but retreats are a time to give back to yourself, to release stress, to move, to breathe, to eat well, to enjoy, to learn something new, to take away what you need, and to leave the rest. It will be a retreat with a community of like-minded people coming together yet finding their individual selves.

Do you recommend a certain level of yoga experience or is it suitable for all? 

All levels are welcome. 

Why did you choose Euphoria as the location for your retreat?

Elena: Euphoria was a natural choice as it represents the highest example of a holistic wellness experience in Greece. The unparalleled wellbeing centre of Euphoria, with its impeccable facilities, creates one of the world’s ultimate healthy gateways. On top of that, a sense of tranquillity permeates Euphoria’s Byzantine architecture and monastic interiors, which is ideal for our guest’s experience whereas the surrounding private forest offers a restorative role of nature at your fingertips. 

What can guests expect from the overall experience?

Elena: Fundamental to any stay at Euphoria is an exploration of their spa facilities, which is not just an architectural wonder but also the discovery of the most astonishing array of facilities – from swimming pools to exquisitely designed steams, saunas and much more awaits to introduce guests to the world of deep relaxation and self-exploration.

Then there’s Euphoria’s contemporary GAIA restaurant, which serves pure, authentic food that comes alive through the energy of the mineral-packed soil of the Peloponnese. Offering a blend of regionally inspired contemporary Greek and Mediterranean dishes, the emphasis is on simplicity, healthy living and full flavour.

In addition, guests will be immersed in The Graceful Movement method daily, where they will be guided (step by step) by Jennifer into the connection of the mind with the body. 

Overall guests should expect to find themselves unfurling into a natural new rhythm, in tune with everything around them. After just a few days at our retreat, they will notice how a healthy routine of moving your body, eating clean nourishing food, and sleeping deeply after basking in sunshine with a like-minded community begins to make a tangible difference.

Will there be time to explore nearby areas? 

Classes will be offered once or twice a day, so there is plenty of time to explore the beautiful resort and its top-notch spa, go hiking, or just sit by the pool and read.

What are you looking forward to most about hosting this retreat?

Jennifer: I absolutely love teaching smaller intimate groups such as retreats and workshops. It’s usually a great group that wants to be there and to practice. Also, I travel to Greece every summer, as my husband is Greek Australian, so it’s one of my favourite places to be in the world. I’m also really looking forward to staying at Euphoria – even though I’m working, it’s also a very inspiring time for me to take time for myself.

The Graceful Movement Retreat 2024