Mary Katrantzou’s Stunning Rug Collection

Greece’s leading fashion designer Mary Katrantzou is known for her stunning designs and iconic prints. Having gained international acclaim for her unique and inspiring creations, over the last decade, she has collaborated with a range of international brands including Adidas Originals, Victoria’s Secret, Longchamp, and Bvlgari.

What many may not know is Katrantzou has also expanded into the interior design world launching an exclusive range of rugs for the Rug Company- with her special capsule collection entitled “Nostalgia”.

Featuring eight uniquely vibrant rugs, Katrantzou’s first step into the world of interiors is a celebration of her brand’s iconic prints, with each rug design inspired by past collections.

As the daughter of an interior designer mother and a textile engineer father, from an early age, Katrantzou was exposed to the world of interiors. She studied textile design at Central Saint Martins, specialising in interiors, and then followed her bachelor’s degree with a Masters in fashion.

Katrantzou’s work has also been featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum, The Barbican and many others.

Her transition from fashion to interiors feels smooth and organic- as each piece is influenced by the bold and imaginative designs for which her eponymous brand is renowned- giving each carpet her signature look and feel.

“We are an image-led brand and print is so transferable across different disciplines. Being able to create context beyond my runway collections and build a lifestyle brand has always been my intention. Filtered beauty through design can impact how we feel whether it’s through what we choose to wear or what we choose to surround ourselves with,” says Katrantzou.

Insights Greece - Mary Katrantzou’s Stunning Rug Collection

“I chose to collaborate with The Rug Company as there was an authentic synergy between the two brands – a genuine appreciation for craftsmanship and a passion for bold patterns and unique beauty, values which we share at Mary Katrantzou.”

The collection includes three enlarged blooming additions- Bluebell Daydream, (which appears in Carrie Bradshaw’s new apartment in “And Just Like That”, Garden of Eden, and Botanical Paradise– all inspired by Katrantzou’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection ‘Nostalgia’ and more specifically from her childhood ‘paint-by-numbers’ books.

Insights Greece - Mary Katrantzou’s Stunning Rug Collection
“Bluebell Daydream” rug featured on the set of “And Just Like That”

Her other designs Sunray Nude, Sunday Gold and Sunray Pink draw inspiration from the art of enamel while radiating dazzling light from the dramatic sun silk motif. Framis is vivid in colour and creates movement with its organic shapes. Whereas Valley plays with size and scale to transform a traditional elegant motif of monochrome flowers into a contemporary graphic design.

Designed to suit both contemporary and more traditional style spaces, Katrantzou explains “Nostalgia is always part of my narrative and something that’s really fitting in people’s homes.”

Mary Katranzou

Athens’ First Forum Celebrating Greek Design and Architecture 

The inaugural Athens Design Forum, a non-profit event, has been launched in the Greek capital; aiming to celebrate Greek design, architecture, and creativity through a series of exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and archival studies.

Running from 30 September through to 7 October 2021, the festival, which is the first of its kind, is supported by The City of Athens and The Behrakis Foundation and brings together specialists, innovators, and strategic partners who highlight the history and prospective future of design in the country and beyond. In an experimental format, the non-profit organisation’s mission is to invite local and global audiences to experience design in Athens, solidifying the Mediterranean capital as a historical and contemporary epicenter of creative production.

“Athens Design Forum (ADF) bridges traditional and contemporary design principles to inspire socially conscious and sustainable design. Introducing an experimental format for experiencing design that is rooted in the traditional heritage of the Mediterranean, ADF brings local wisdom to a global scale,” state the organisers of the event. 

“Our vision is to sustain formative dialogues, amplify the craft and design sectors, build strategic partnerships with local and global organizations, and create accessible knowledge,” adds ADF. 

Highlights during the forum include a visit to Papagos House, which is the private residence and studio of legendary Greek painter Alekos Fassianos- this will be open to the public for the very first time; as well as a studio visit with emerging local designer Kostas Lambridis- set in the industrial area of Nea Ionia.

A selection of furniture designs made by architect Dionisis Sotovikis will be shown in his personal residence, a historic landmark built by Aristomenis Proveleggios; and a unique performance designed by Tellurico and Neostandard will showcase “stucco,’’ an ancient technique commonly used in Mediterranean countries such as Greece, which covers walls and pillars of classical buildings, often reproducing precious stones like marble and granite.  

As part of the forum, the Benaki Museum Shop will also be presenting a curated collection of ceramic works at the Ghika Gallery Shop. For the entire program head to Athens Design Forum.

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