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Exploring Athens’ Next Wave of Wine Bars

Discover Athens’ best new wine bars – where you can sip and savour in style.

In recent years, Greece’s wine culture has experienced a resurgence, marked by the emergence of wine bars across the country, particularly in the capital. These establishments are not just places to sip on fine wines; they’re hubs of social activity, where connoisseurs and novices alike gather to explore Greece’s rich viticultural heritage.

These latest spots follow in the footsteps of pioneering establishments like OinoscentWarehouse, and Heteroclito, which laid the groundwork for the evolving contemporary wine bar scene in Athens.

Epta Martyes 

Nestled on a sun-kissed street in the vibrant neighbourhood of Neos Kosmos, Epta Martyes offers an enticing blend of Greek and French wines, Tsipouro, classic cocktails, and craft beers. Whether you’re craving a leisurely glass or a bottle to enjoy, their menu caters to every taste and budget, with bottles priced from 25 to 195 euros and by-the-glass options ranging from 5.50 to 10.50€.

But what truly sets Epta Martyes apart is their chef’s choice mezes, inspired by the culinary traditions of Volos, where much of the team hails from. Priced at just 5€ per plate, these exquisite bites promise an explosion of flavours with each bite. From creamy taramosalata to zesty raw tuna marinated in soy sauce and chilli, and from savoury fava with caramelised onions to tender chargrilled octopus and broccoli, each dish is a culinary delight. It’s no surprise that Epta Martyres has quickly become the talk of the town since its opening. While walk-ins are welcome, reservations are recommended to secure your spot.

A: Menechmou 3B, Neos Kosmos, Athens

Wine is Fine

Nestled on Athens’ Vissis pedestrian street, Wine is Fine is a French-inspired wine bar, bordering on restaurant, that has quickly become a hotspot for food and wine enthusiasts alike. With an interesting contrast of simple street-side ambience and elegant white-clothed table settings, Wine is Fine offers up French-inspired dishes like tartare de boeuf (10€) and bottarga pasta (13€) on what is an ever-changing, seasonal menu. The wine selection at Wine is Fine focuses on organic and natural wines, including orange and pet-nat varieties from Greece, Europe and beyond. Here, the focus is on quality and consistency, while attentive staff are on hand to suggest pairings and manage what is usually a rather long waitlist (insider tip: head on over closer to opening time and you’ll nab a table quickly). 

A: Vissis 6, Athens


Aptly named after the grape variety which cheekily plays on the Greek language (you’ll have to ask a trusted local), this small wine bar sits on an unassuming corner in Exarcheia. Patrons spill onto the footpath, while inside, the space exudes warmth, with stools lining the bar and the wall. The wine menu boasts a diverse selection of by-the-glass offerings, priced between 6-9€ and categorised by Greek wines and “strangers” hailing from Italy, France, Spain, Argentina, and beyond. Complimenting the wines are a range of wine-friendly snacks, including Jamon (9€), Pinsa (9€), Burrata with pesto and hazelnuts (6€), and an intriguing pastitsio-inspired tartar (12€). With its charming setting and enticing menu, this cozy wine bar promises a pleasant evening out, any day of the week.

A: Zoodochou Pigis 42, Exarcheia, Athens

Featured image Courtesy of Wine is Fine 


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