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From retro wares to one-of-a-kind statement pieces, these vintage stores in Athens are stocked with treasures! 

Many celebrities and fashion icons have jumped on the slow-fashion trend and many are advocating the advantages of buying second-hand clothing and accessories. Combining a long-lasting, high-quality bought item with vintage or interesting pre-used items is not only good for the planet but for one’s image too. Wearing used clothing that could have come from anywhere and that one selects as a particular attribute to their entirely personal style can make a world of difference.

Where once it was unheard of to wear something that wasn’t directly off the rack because it was considered dirty or a sign of poverty, constantly-evolving Athens has gained more and more second hand stores throughout the last decade. Here we present you with the best!

Insights Greece - Athens' Top 5 Vintage Stores

Our Bazaar

A large hall filled with treasures perfect for bazaar-lovers who like to hunt for the perfect item through piles and rows of things. Here you’ll find everything from accessories, shoes and clothing (mainly women’s but also for men and kids), paintings, decor items, jewellery and toys. It’s not a glamorous space but it’s very laid back and there is an ultra-glamorous corner featuring designerwear by fashion legends like Valentino, Armani and Stella McCartney at a fraction of the price they were originally sold at. You can also bring your own stuff and put it up for sale, receiving a commission from the final sale. 

A: Drakou 33, Koukaki

Kilo shop

Note the colour of the plastic tag locked onto the clothing item or accessory of your choice and weigh it according to its price per kilo. This is the very place you need to visit if you’re looking for a gratifying variety of basic outfits like jeans, a white skirt or a striped or polka-dot shirt, although there are many other colourful and unique items to choose from too, from hats and dresses to belts and jumpsits that are vintage or coming from a vague, faraway galaxy.

A: Ermou 20, Thisseio

Insights Greece - Athens' Top 5 Vintage Stores


Near the Monastiraki metro in a small Psyrri sides-treet, this two-storey dinky shop showcases well-priced, sometimes unusual and even exotic items from all over the world. Many things here seem ordinary at first glance but are pretty special when you take a closer look. 

A: Protogenous 11, Psirri


In a cool little square graced by three buzzy bars and between the borders of Syntagma and Plaka you’ll find this luxury rendition of a second-hand clothing store. Preloved sells top designer gear by greats such as Chanel, Gucci, Diane Von Furstenberg and Yves Saint Laurent that is ideal for ladies who like to sparkle in sequins, faux fur, velvet and silk, without having paid an arm and

a leg for it. An additional bonus is that you’ll also find vintage designs from the ‘50s to the ‘80s to make you stand out even more.

A: Ipittou 5, Syntagma 

Insights Greece - Athens' Top 5 Vintage Stores

Yesterday’s Bread

In rebellious Exarcheia known for its off-beat sense of style, this shop mainly sells second-hand and vintage and retro clothing and accessories from Amsterdam and Paris and is especially known for its Converse sneaker collection. This is also a favourite store for Athens’ passionate Swing-dancing community.

A: Kallidromiou 87-89, Exarcheia

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