Famed for its beautiful salads, mouthwatering seafood, vegetable dishes, grilled meats, and flaky filo pites, Greek food is simple and packed with flavour. Summer on the Aegean offers a variety of fresh food bursting with colour and here we have picked the Top 50 foods and drinks you should try while visiting Greece. 

So transport yourself to a white-washed island with our selection of sunny Greek foods, flavours, and drinks, and pretend you’re on holiday until you can get there!

Greek Seafood

Traditional Greek Dishes 

Gemista (stuffed vegetables)

Greek Side Dishes 

Greek Salads

Greek Vegan/ Vegetarian dishes

Greek Meat 

Grilled meat platter (includes a variety of red meat, homemade sausages & chicken)

Casual Greek Street Food

Fresh Greek Fruit


Greek Dessert

Greek Drinks

Freddo Cappuccino & Frappe (iced coffees)

Greek House wine

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