30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 

From crystal clear waters to white-sand beaches, pretty ports, and charming seaside villages that come to life at night, Greece offers so many beautiful spots over summer. 

And while this list could grow into the thousands, we’ve done our best to round up some of the most beautiful places in Greece to visit during the warmer months. One thing that’s for sure- wherever you choose to visit first, you will definitely love it! 

Athens Riviera, Athens 

Home to Athens’ most luxurious hotels, restaurants, bars, and beaches, the Athenian Riviera is filled with a range of delightful spots to visit.

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Four Seasons Astir, Athens Riviera

Temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounion

Less than an hour’s drive from Athens, Cape Sounio is the ideal weekend getaway or perfect day trip from the Greek capital. There are plenty of things to see and do at this beautiful spot- the first being watching the sunset from the Temple of Poseidon. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Sunset at Cape Sounio

Sithonia, Halkidiki

Halkidiki is where locals from Thessaloniki head for a weekend getaway and Sithonia (one of the 3 legs) is home to small secluded bays that are surrounded by lush trees and other vegetation. Also visit Nikiti, which has a chic new promenade lined with classy restaurants and all-day cafes. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Kavourotripes beach in Sithonia

Messinia, Peloponesse

Home to some of the most charming seaside towns in Greece, a drive few days drive through Messinia should be on everyone’s bucket list. Add Koroni, Methoni, Pylos, and Voidikilia beach to the top of places to visit. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Magical views at Koroni

Town of Nafplio

Named the “most romantic town in Greece”, Nafplio is set on a small port beneath the towering Palamidi fortress. Filled with beautiful alleyways, neoclassical mansions, and stunning Venetian houses, there are also a few lovely beaches when you need to cool off. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Stroll through the pretty alleyways of Nafplio

Simos Beach, Elafonisos

This beach has been rated one of the best in the world on many occasions, as it’s the perfect spot to spend endless hours in the crystal clear sea; then sit by the white sand and enjoy the majestic views surrounding you.  

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Stunning beach

Avlemonas, Kythira

This traditional fishing settlement is built in Cycladic style and boasts stunning gulfs and lush vegetation that create a beautiful natural backdrop. The whitewashed houses and lush gardens draw visitors here each summer, as they take a quick dip in the sea. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Kythira’s most charming seaside village

Old Town of Chania, Crete 

A unique mix of architecture, narrow pebbled alleyways, and a buzzing port- it’s the perfect combination of old-world meets new. Strolling through the beautiful Old Town and taking in the magnificent sites will allow you to discover the Venetian, Byzantine, and Ottoman influence of Chania. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Beautiful Port of Chania

Loutro, Crete 

This quaint and picturesque fishing village in Crete, promises a Greek island getaway full of swimming, delicious local cuisine, hiking, and loads of R&R. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Loutro, one of Crete’s best-kept secrets

Port of Symi

Surrounded by deep green seas and covered in cypress trees, this beautiful island is home to one of the prettiest ports in Greece, neo-classical mansions, and dreamy fishing villages. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Symi’s stunning port

Lindos, Rhodes

Lindos is one of the most stunning archaeological sites in all of Greece. The views from up top are breathtaking and the town itself features lovely beaches, picturesque cobblestone alleyways that lead to a range of shops and eateries in a charming setting. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
St Paul’s Bay with views of the ancient site

Cave of the Apocalypse, Patmos 

Patmos is home to around 360 churches and you can definitely sense the island’s unique spiritual energy as soon as you step foot here. Patmos is known around the world as the island where around 95 AD Saint John the Baptist wrote The Revelation, in a cave that can now be visited in the island’s Holy Monastery of the Apocalypse. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Monastery of St John

Port of Kastellorizo 

Surrounded by the jewelled turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Kastellorizo allows you to experience authentic island life while enjoying its neo-classic architecture and all its charm. Cobblestone alleys and traditional colourful mansions dot the scenic village and the waterfront is lined with tavernas and café-bars that spoil you for choice.

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Kastellorizo’s captivating port

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

Hands down the most photographed beach in Greece, Navagio is spectacular and deserves a visit at least once in a lifetime. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Shipwreck of Navagio

Porto Katsiki, Lefkada 

Another stunning beach in the Ionian, Porto Katsiki is a piece of paradise that needs to be seen to be believed. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Views of Porto Katsiki from up top

Assos, Kefalonia

This very pretty seaside village will steal your heart. Filled with bougainvillea and colourful villas, as well as a small little bay that’s surrounded by a few seafood taverns- it’s the perfect place to spend time over summer. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Assos, Kefalonia’s prettiest village

Voutoumoi, Antipaxoi

There are a few spots in the world, where you feel like you’ve found paradise and Antipaxoi is one of them. This tiny unspoiled island boasts one of the most impressive natural landscapes and the most stunning turquoise waters.  

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Sail through Antipaxoi

Oia, Santorini

This magical village in Santorini is one of the most popular places in the world to catch the sunset- and for a good reason! You will also find beautiful restaurants, bars, cafes, and boutiques, which all offer views of the caldera. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Oia boasts a sunset like no other

Little Venice, Mykonos

This charming little spot in Mykonos is located close to the landmark windmills. Little Venice’s views of the sea, the classic buildings, and wonderful bars and restaurants make it the perfect spot to grab your favourite drink and watch the sunset. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Little Venice offers magical spots for a drink

Chora, Folegandros

Every visit to Folegandros is an adventure: the climbs, the dives, the treks, the views. And one of the best things to do is get lost in the town of Chora, a pedestrianized maze of tiny streets lined with houses and churches. It’s one of the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Breathtaking Chora

Ermoupli, Syros

The beautiful town of Ermoupolis is not only the capital of Syros but the entire Cyclades. Featuring stunning neoclassical architecture, old mansions, marble-paved streets, stunning town squares, imposing churches, and historical monuments, it’s rich in both history and culture.  

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Ermoupoli, Syros (image by Polina Paraskevopoulou)

Klima, Milos

The picturesque fishing village Klima with its little houses is a unique spot that was once only visited by fishermen. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Klima, Milos (image by Polina Paraskevopoulou)

Porta, Naxos

A massive marble doorway (of the temple of Apollo), is Naxos’ famous landmark. It lies close to the port, on the islet of Palatia which was once a hill. The spot offers one of the most breathtaking sunsets in Greece. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Porta, Naxos’ landmark

Pyrgos, Tinos 

Pyrgos, one of the island’s biggest and most beautiful villages, is most famous for its marble and it’s displayed everywhere. Sit down at one of the local taverns or cafes and enjoy local delicacies.  

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Village of Pyrgos (image by Polina Paraskevopoulou)

Mèllises, Andros

The entire property is a slice of heaven. A stay at Mèllises, includes indulging in homegrown varieties of fruit, local herbs, and spices that enrich the property, which now also houses a small farm. With an infinity pool that overlooks the Aegean Sea, it’s one of the most beautiful places to visit. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Breathtaking views

Panagia Hozoviotissa, Amorgos

Hozoviotissa Monastery is one of the Aegean’s most extraordinary spots. The second oldest church in Greece, built in 1017 and is located on the side of a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Set on the side of a cliff in Amorgos

Harbour of Hydra

Hydra has a charming atmosphere and romantic allure, it’s aristocratic, yet authentic and features a rocky landscape with elegant, imposing stone mansions, narrow cobblestone alleys with colourful bougainvillea, plus impeccable sunsets. Near the harbour is nice, as this is where all the buzz is.

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Harbour comes to life at night (image by Polina Paraskevopoulou)

Dapia Port, Spetses

Enjoy an afternoon or evening stroll around the buzzing harbour of Dapia Port. The tiny port is surrounded by whitewashed, neoclassical houses and is also surrounded by chic cafés and stylish boutiques.

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Perfect spot to relax

Giola Lagoon, Thassos

Known as “Aphrodite’s Tear” in Thassos is one of the world’s most beautiful natural swimming pools – separated from the sea by a narrow strip of rocks, it looks like a pool of crystal clear water, carved into a coral reef that rises above it.

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Natural rock pool

Castle of Monemvasia

Today, the Castle of Monemvasia is one of the most beautiful in the world, with a fairytale atmosphere and profound romanticism. Take a walk through and enjoy the rich history, culture, and spectacular views. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Greece’s most majestic castle

Sea Caves of Thetis, Pelion 

Experience a day trip around the Pelion Peninsula and visit the Sea Caves of Thetis. You’ll leave from either the port of Chorefto or Agios Ioannis. From there, head north and discover an uninhabited and truly unspoiled coastline as you explore the stunning sea caves. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Swim through the caves

Naoussa, Paros

The first thing you’ll notice when you get to the main town of Naoussa is the charming and colourful cafes and taverns everywhere you look. Grab a coffee, gelato, or walk through the back streets and take in the stunning views. 

Insights Greece - 30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece to Visit in Summer 
Naousa is Paros’ pretty harbour


5 Most Luxurious Hotels in Mykonos

Famous for being a party island for the world’s rich and famous, Mykonos is filled with a range of world-class hotels that feature award-winning architecture, breathtaking views, fine dining restaurants, and exceptional service. With money not being an obstacle, these are the 5 most luxurious hotels in Mykonos, where you will find (among other guests) international celebrities, sports stars, entrepreneurs, and socialites staying each year! 

Bill & Coo

Located just outside Mykonos Town, Bill & Coo’s spaces are centred around the stunning view of the Aegean Sea; with the pool, lounge, and restaurant allowing guests to capture the breathtaking vistas day and night. Upon arrival, guests are given a mobile phone with a local number, so they can call a personal driver to take them anywhere on the island. The hotel also features an on-site spa, sauna, and steam room. Extra services include a personal assistant, shopping assistant, and fitness instructor.

Myconian Avaton

This boutique hotel is set on a hillside with water rooms – some with private infinity pools and spas. Or you can opt for a villa, which is where most celebrities  choose to stay as it gives them more privacy. There’s also a restaurant, spa, and a split-level infinity pool  surrounded by red and black loungers and umbrellas. The beach is only a few minutes walk, but the hotel drivers will take you there and back too. Myconian Avaton also boasts three seawater thalassotherapy pools, three treatment rooms, a 24-hour gym with sea views and a couple of small boutiques for guests to shop.

Cavo Tagoo

This is Mykonos’ most famous and sought-after hotel, located 500m from Hóra. It features a 38-metre-long infinity seawater pool with an aquarium bar and wood decking, looking towards the sunset. The service is second to none and guests of Cavo Tagoo have non-stop access to a lit basement pool, spa with steam bath, sauna, and couple’s massage room. The split-level restaurant terrace has breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea; and it looks extra special during sunset. 

Santa Marina Resort 

Known for its 5-star services, you can choose from 101 guest rooms and suites or 13 villas; the boho-chic rooms include private balconies with majestic Aegean views. There is also a couple of infinity pools, a luxurious spa, and four options for dining and drinks; the most popular being Buddha-Bar Beach and Mykonos Social, which is Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton’s first restaurant in the Mediterranean. Top-level services at Santa Marina also include a helipad and private pier; plus concierge is more than happy to arrange private drivers, helicopter/ yacht transfers, sailing tours, horseback riding, and private dining for their guests.

Myconian Imperial Resort

This large hotel offers premium services and a private beach, just a few steps down the hill. For those who don’t want to leave the hotel, Myconian Imperial has a massive pool with comfy loungers and spectacular views. The huge saltwater pool is split into two and features a swim-up bar, which is loved by guests. There is also a luxury spa and gourmet restaurants including the popular sushi eatery, Sishu that offers a huge menu and a cozy atmosphere. 

10 Best Things to Do in Greece in Summer 

Summer in Greece is nothing short of spectacular and although the country is becoming more of an all-year-round destination, summer is still by far the most popular season for international travellers- and for a good reason! 

Greece is blessed with a wonderful climate and every day in summer makes you want to celebrate the magic that comes with it. And with so many wonderful things to experience over the warmer months, we have put together a list of the 10 Best Things to do in Greece in Summer. 

Enjoy Fresh Summer Flavours  

Famed for its beautiful salads, mouthwatering seafood, vegetable/vegan dishes, grilled meats, and flaky filo pies, Greek food is simple and packed with flavour. Summer on the Aegean offers a variety of fresh food bursting with colour and even if you haven’t planned on making food a priority for your Greek summer holiday, it’s more than likely you’ll end up tasting a wide range of gastronomical delights that are overflowing with fresh flavours and aromas. From Horta (wild greens) drenched in extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice, to sweet slices of watermelon through to grilled octopus straight off the bbq- the delicious local produce is sure to delight all senses. 

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to Do in Greece in Summer 

Swim at Some of the World’s Best Beaches 

Greece has some of the most stunning beaches and has ranked second in the world among 49 countries on the 2021 Blue Flag quality award list for beaches, with 545 of them receiving the Blue Flag label. It’s hard to pick exactly which beaches are the most jaw-droppingly beautiful of them all, but from Lefkada to Crete- and everywhere in between- you are sure to enjoy a swim of a lifetime.

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to Do in Greece in Summer 

Enjoy the Laid- Back Beach Bar Life

With breathtaking sea views, laid-back vibes, and lush cocktails, Greece has so many beautiful beachfront bars to choose from, where you can relax and unwind all day and night. It is easy to understand why Greece is one of the most popular spots over the warmer months for those who love to go from beach to bar in a few footsteps; allowing visitors to make the most of the breathtaking Aegean Sea 24/7. 

Wine and Dine Outdoors 

Summer is all about being outdoors and sensing the carefree and relaxed lifestyle that goes with it. Greece is filled with outdoor tavernas, rooftop bars and cafes. During the summer months whether you are in a small remote village or a large Cycladic island, places are packed with people eating and drinking alfresco.  

Experience the Annual Summer Festivals

Summer is a time where Greeks plan many cultural events, concerts, open-air theatres and cinemas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, or archaeological gems. Over summer Greece is also renowned for its food and drink festivals, including the Ouzo festival in Lesvos and Naxos Potato festival- highlighting each island or regions local delicacies and dishes. This is a great way to experience Greek hospitality and a chance to learn about local culture and traditions. 

Meet Friendly Locals at the Panigiria

Panigiria (festivals) mostly take place over summer and if you are lucky enough to be at a spot where locals are celebrating a Saint’s Feast Day or a fair, we suggest you go. You will be treated to a range of local food, music, dance, rituals and traditions. August 15 (Dekapendavgousto) on The Feast Day of the Dormition of the Theotokos is by far the most celebrated Panigiri in Greece, as the country honours the Assumption of Virgin Mary. 

Watch the Magical Sunsets

Greece has always been known for having some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world- and it’s not only in Santorini where you will be able to enjoy such a magical sight.  The dramatic shades that paint the horizon as day transitions to night can be experienced all over Greece, so no matter where you are, just make sure you take time out each night and be mesmerised by the breathtaking sunsets.  

Sail Around the Greek Islands

Travelling to Greece during summer gives visitors a chance to enjoy Greek island life at its best. It’s during the warmer months where locals are out, all the restaurants and cafes are open and the weather is ideal for swimming all day long. Whether you choose to visit the famous Cyclades, which is home to Greece’s most popular islands of Santorini and Mykonos or your holiday is at lesser-known isles such as Symi and Kalymnos (on the Dodecanese) you’ll be able to understand why Greek islands are so special. 

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to Do in Greece in Summer 

Visit Sacred and Ancient Sites 

After long swims at the beach, summer in Greece is about seeing ancient temples, archaeological sites and Holy monasteries and churches from the Byzantine era- gazing out at the Aegean Sea. From the Portara in Naxos to sanctuaries of Delos, Knossos in Crete, Panagia Hozoviotissa in Amorgos and Cape Sounio in East Attica, you will be blown away at how beautiful these ancient sites look as the sun is about to set. 

Party All Night Long 

Greek summer is synonymous with a buzzing nightlife that starts late and lasts till the early hours of the morning. For those that enjoy staying out all night, listening to the latest tracks and dancing the night away- Greece in summer is sure to please; especially if you are in Mykonos or Athens Riviera, where local and international DJs have the crowds partying till sunrise. 

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to Do in Greece in Summer 
Party all night at famous Nammos, Mykonos

7 Greek Islands We Can’t Wait to Revisit

Given there’s over 6000 stunning Greek islands, of which roughly 227 are inhabited, deciding which one to visit (or revisit) is always a hard decision to make. 

The obvious choice for many is Santorini and Mykonos (there’s no denying their beauty) but for us, there are many others we can’t wait to get to again this summer and they are all just as breathtaking as each other!


A small island in the Saronic Gulf (just 2 hours away from Athens), Hydra island with its classic beauty has seduced many international personalities such as Sophia Loren, Maria Callas, Aristotle Onassis, and Leonard Cohen, who purchased a house on the island in 1960. Moreover, the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd used to regularly vacation here. Hydra has a charming atmosphere and romantic allure, it is aristocratic, yet authentic and features a rocky landscape with elegant, imposing stone mansions, narrow cobblestone alleys with colourful bougainvillea; plus impeccable sunsets.


With a history going back to the Neolithic era, Samos island is rich with a varied and impressive archaeological beauty that can raise the pulse of even the most bored, tag-along visitor. From hiking in beautiful nature to visiting charming little villages, tasting some of the best wine Greece has to offer, and swimming at beautiful beaches that offer clear waters and a chilled vibe- Samos has something for everyone. 


Volcanic rocks, vast blue magic waters, stunning sunsets, jaw-dropping beaches, geological formations (that awaken your imagination), and picturesque settlements by the sea, all together narrate exquisite stories about this Cycladic island that blows your mind away, every time you step foot here. Fast becoming one of Greece’s most popular destinations, there is still an authentic and untouched beauty about Milos island


Whitewashed houses, delicious food, unbeatable beaches. This is Naxos island in one sentence, one of our favourite Greek islands that never ceases to amaze. Naxos is the largest Cycladic island and it has it all. Beautiful beaches, ancient sites and museums, great food, atmospheric mountainous villages, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere for those who want to stay out all night. It has something for every type of traveller and fulfills even the most demanding one!

Insights Greece - 7 Greek Islands We Can't Wait to Revisit


There’s something magical about Kefalonia island, the largest of the Ionian isles, which still remains pure and protected from mass tourism. What makes this place so special is the pride locals take in keeping their island clean, fresh, modern, yet warm and inviting, all while encouraging its natural charm and authentic beauty to shine through. From the main town of Argostoli where you will find a range of eateries, bars, and boutiques through to gorgeous fishing villages and quaint towns, there’s so much to see and do on this lush island; home to Myrtos, one of Greece’s most breathtaking beaches.


From the moment you arrive, Astypalea island will take your breath away. The simplicity of this authentic island, which shares aesthetic elements of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, is what makes this destination extra special! Its magnificent Chora, the old port, eight picturesque windmills, an imposing Venetian castle built of dark stones; and stunning beaches with crystal clear waters are the main reasons to fall in love with this beautiful Greek island. 


Another gem in the heart of the Dodecanese, Symi is a small but mesmerising Greek island, which lies in the Southern Dodecanese, north of Rhodes. Surrounded by deep green seas and covered in cypress trees, this beautiful destination is home to one of the prettiest ports in Greece, neo-classical mansions, and dreamy fishing villages. Many visitors arrive here on their private yacht and spend days (or weeks) enjoying the magical views surrounding them. 

Insights Greece - 7 Greek Islands We Can't Wait to Revisit


Timeless Villas in the Heart of Tinos

Right in the heart of the traditional mountain village of Triantaros, on the beautiful island of Tinos, you will find a luxury housing complex that overlooks the Aegean Sea.

Consisting of seven timeless villas designed by well-known Greek architectural firm Kordas Architects, Triantaros Villas feature a contemporary twist to the long-lasting traditional Cycladic architecture, with direct reference to the loci of Tinos, both in architecture and interior design.

Insights Greece - Timeless Villas in the Heart of Tinos

The “easy living” spaces of the interiors are simple, timeless, and elegant and consist of living spaces from 125 sqm to 180 sqm; they also include terraces and balconies that feature rustic-chic wooden pergolas and gardens. There is also the option of a pool, available with Villa Estia.

Each villa has been built with high-quality standards using high-end materials- including the latest thermal insulation, premium Italian floor tiles- and they offer exclusive features such as underfloor heating for the cooler months. 

The prime location is home to the south-facing complex that basks in the steep topography on the west entrance of Triantaros, beneath the village road, the church, and the traditional Village Taverna.

Designed and built with the spirit of traditional Cycladic village architecture, each villa has spectacular, unobstructed views of the Aegean Sea and some of the other Cycladic Islands nearby, as well as of the neighbouring village Berdemiaros.

Natural stone walkways enclosed by natural stone walls give access to all villas, terraces, and gardens, where you can sit back and capture the spectacular sunrise and sunset each day.  

A spacious parking and garden area (approximately 850 sqm) is placed directly on the west side  of the villas (accessible via a small bridge). Up to two parking spaces per Villa are available.

The villas also feature luxury fitted modern kitchens, generous living and dining areas, an open fireplace, brick-built sofas, and plenty of storage space. The living areas are entirely laid out with high-quality tiles and with three already sold, there are four currently on the market. 


Tinos is the third largest island in the Cyclades, easily accessible by ferry from the port of Rafina in Athens; it’s also a short boat ride from Mykonos island. With its 40 architecturally traditional villages and countless wonderful beaches, Tinos is an authentic island and known as one of the most spiritual islands in all of Greece. The stunning island is also filled with plenty of traditional taverns and shops that serve local delicacies and dishes. 

Authentic Handmade Pasta in the Heart of Mykonos

Located in the heart of ‘the chora’, and open since 1978, this three-storey traditional Italian restaurant in Mykonos serves an authentic range of handmade pasta and pizza.

Being one of the first Italian restaurants to open on this popular Cycladic island, and standing on the main alley of Barkia, the owner’s secret recipes originate from a variety of regions in Italy. During the summer months, Pasta Fresca Barkia is packed with local and international visitors who come to try the variety of pizza options and numerous pasta dishes made with fresh ingredients; some of the most sought-after dishes are the linguini with crab meat, stuffed ravioli, and tortel- lacci.

Opened by Anagiros Griparis in 1978, it was the first Italian restaurant in Mykonos to introduce live demonstrations of fresh handmade pasta and has now become one of the most popular casual spots in town, as it offers a relaxed dining experience for local and foreign guests. 

Insights Greece - Authentic Handmade Pasta in the Heart of Mykonos

Anargiros was influenced by his mother’s cooking flair and her culinary knowledge, which she passed down to him from a young age. Determined to do something with it, Anargiros left his career as an engineer on cruise ships and inspired by his countless trips to Italy, he entered the hospitality industry; bringing authentic Italian cooking techniques and flavours to Mykonos.

Since 1978, Anargiros has maintained the original aesthetics of the restaurant, which used to be a former three-story home; each level has its own unique feel, offering customers a cozy atmosphere as they enjoy a lunch or dinner with friends.

Here you have the opportunity not only to taste fresh, handmade pasta but also to watch the chefs make it from scratch, as every afternoon in front of crowds, the chefs display their insider tricks of the pizzeria on the ground floor; which has become a daily attraction of passers-by; from gnocchi, ravioli, tortellini, and lasagne sheets, to fettuccine, fideo and fusilli, there is a huge range to choose from. 

With tables inside and out, it’s a great spot to enjoy your favourite pasta dish, followed by a traditional Italian dessert. 

Pasta Fresca Barkia

Mykonos’ Most Sought After Private Chef 

If you want to learn more about the Mykonian food culture and embark on a journey of exquisite tastes, Lifestyle Cooking created by talented chef Teo Iliopoulos is a fascinating concept that introduces guests to authentic and traditional flavours from this famous Cycladic island. 

Born in 1978, on a farm in the southern region of Greece, Teo, the son of a market gardener, was raised to respect working with the soil and its natural produce.

From a very early age, Teo developed his fine tastes and quickly learned to appreciate fresh, organic, ingredients, and was taught how to preserve and of course, cook with them. It came as no surprise that his ambition was to become a chef and credits his early childhood and major influence from his father, for his major culinary success.

Arriving in Mykonos as an ambitious 17-year-old, Teo has now become highly sought-after personal chef by celebrities, socialites and international visitors who are seeking a unique gastronomical experience that will remain with them for years to come. 

Known not only for his unique bohemian style, Teo has created innovative cooking concepts reflecting Mediterranean influences and says some of his favourite ingredients to work with are “thyme, tomatoes, figs, prickly pears, and obviously everything the sea has to offer.” 

Teo is the Head Chef and founder of his company Lifestyle Cookingleading his team of dedicated food specialists, who also enjoy catering to every aspect of their guest’s culinary journey in Mykonos. Personalized menus, seafood/oyster events, BBQ parties, private cooking lessons, or even live cooking demonstrations on a private beach; there is no gastronomic experience Teo and his staff won’t do.

One of the most popular services that Teo provides is an unforgettable, live and authentic Greek cooking experience at Rhenia, an inhabitant island next to Delos, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Insights Greece - Mykonos’ Most Sought After Private Chef 

Rhenia is famous for its crystal clear waters, ancient temple ruins and high energy levels. It is a unique natural paradise, worth seeing while you visit Mykonos. Teo and his team of professional chefs take guests by boat from Mykonos to the famous Rhenia island and allow you to explore the beach, swim, sunbathe and enjoy the delicious live-cooked recipes. You will be able to savour the fresh sea urchin, shrimps, sea bass, fresh fish on the grill, or lobster. 

It is an unforgettable and unique experience that can be enjoyed by groups of friends, or enjoyed by the entire family. Otherwise, you can also hire Teo and his team as your personal chef during your stay in  Mykonos, where they will prepare you breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner at your villa, or if you are staying at a hotel without a kitchen, they also offer delivery straight to your room. 

Insights Greece - Mykonos’ Most Sought After Private Chef 

Using ingredients picked from a private farm, Teo’s customised healthy breakfast includes fresh juices, yoghurt with homemade (strawberry, orange, blueberry, peach) jam, or honey with cinnamon and granola.

They also create homemade pasta ( tagliatelle, ravioli, macaroni) and you can watch Teo and his team prepare the pasta and cook it right in front of you. 

High on the list of guests’ favourites are the seafood recipes reflecting the Mediterranean Sea, including all fish, oysters, shrimps and lobsters, which are caught in the morning by local fishermen. And Teo also has a range of Kocher vegan, traditional Greek recipes and of course, is more than happy to create a personal menu to suit all tastes and preferences.  

Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches

From the famous Cyclades to the most remote islets, whitewashed churches blend in beautifully with the picturesque landscapes in Greece. Here is a small list compiling some of the most stunning sacred places found on the Greek islands! 

Monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos, Patmos

The Monastery of Saint John is one of the most important religious sites in Greece, located on the holy island of Patmos. It is built next to the cave where Saint John wrote the Book of Apocalypse (Revelation).

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos, Patmos @yourgreekisland

Seven Martyrs, Sifnos

Sifnos is said to be home to 336 churches. Located in a picturesque setting, the Church of the Seven Martyrs is situated near the small village of Kastro, on top of an islet. Its white and blue dome stands out against the crystal blue waters of the sea.

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Seven Martyrs, Sifnos

Panagia Ekatotapiliani, Paros  

The Church of 100 Doors is situated in Parikia and is said to be one of the earliest Byzantine churches in Greece, built in the middle of the 4th century. Legend has it that the church has 99 visible doors, with the hidden, locked 100th door set to appear and open only when Constantinople becomes Greek again.

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Panagia Ekatontapiliani, Paros @greeka

Panagia Megalochari, Tinos

Located on the island of Tinos, this is one of the holiest sites in Greece, as Panagia (Virgin Mary) is said to have visited the island and Panagia Megalochori is said to be the protector of the country. It was constructed on top of a hill where people found the icon of the Virgin Mary, believed to be the source of miracles.

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Panagia Megalochari, Tinos @travelgreecetraveleurope

Panagia Hozoviotissa, Amorgos

This is one of the most important Byzantine monuments in the Aegean standing on the slopes of Amorgos island. This impressive 11th-century structure built into the face of a cliff is 300 meters above the sea, where a miraculous icon of the Virgin, patron saint of the island, was found. 

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Panagia Hozoviotissa, Amorgos @amorgosgr

Agios Isidoros, Chios

Located on a bay with a small pebbly beach, it’s without a doubt one of the most photographed places on the island. The chapel was built on the ruins of an Early Christian temple, and the interior filled with mosaic floors holds the holy relics of Agios Isidoros.

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Agios Isidoros, Chios @explorechios

Agios Ioannis, Skopelos

Perched atop a cliff near the village of Glossa, pilgrims have to climb 106 steps to reach it, but they are always rewarded for their efforts; the impressive vistas from the church are worth every single step.

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Agios Ioannis, Skopelos @afar

Panagia Tsambika, Rhodes 

Known for the many miracles in helping couples conceive, thousands of pilgrims walk up 300 steep steps to visit the Holy Monastery of Panagia Tsambika. Perched at an altitude of some 240 m, it offers some truly spectacular views of the coast.

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Panagia Tsambika

Agia Sofia, Kythira

 Agia Sofia is situated inside a cave overlooking wild landscapes and the Aegean Sea. Amongst other holy items you will find fresco icons from the 13th century. 

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Agia Sofia, Kythira

Panagia Kalamiotissa, Anafi 

Perched atop the promontory of Kalamos, which is connected to the rest of Anafi by a narrow stretch of land; the church was built in the 19th Century with many ruins from a temple dedicated to the god Apollo.

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Panagia Kalamiotissa, Anafi

Panagia Makrini, Samos

Panagia Makrini was built during the 10th century as part of a larger monastery and bones from previous ascetic monks were also found here. Visiting this site involves an easy hike through a lush forest and caves surrounded by turquoise.

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Panagia Makrini, Samos

Agios Spyridonas, Santorini

The famous worldwide postcard of a white church with a blue dome belongs to the church of Agios Spyridonas and just behind it is another blue-domed church, Anastasios (Resurrection).

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Agios Spyridonas, Santorini @ansharimages

Agia Paraportiani, Mykonos 

Paraportiani lies behind Little Venice and the famous windmills, this stunning church is one of the most photographed places in the Cyclades. 

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches

Panagia Tourliani, Milos

Dedicated to the Virgin Mary it’s located in Klimatovouni, a hill above the area of Klima- boasting old icons and courtyards overlooking the bay of Adamantas.

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Panagia Tourliani, Milos

Panagia Chrysopigi, Sifnos 

This famous church was built in 1615 as a home to an icon of Zoodochos Pigi (the life-giving spring, that is the Virgin Mary) that was salvaged from the sea by fishermen.

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Panagia Chrysopigi, Sifnos

Koimisi Tis Theotokou, Folegandros 

Built into the side of a steep hillside overlooking the main town of the island, the church is famous for its icon of Panagia, which was brought over from Constantinople and is said to perform miracles.

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Koimisi Tis Theotokou, Folegandros

Panagia Kakaviotissa, Limnos

This “roofless” church, sits on top of a cave in which it’s nestled, in a crag on Mt Kakavos, 4 kilometers from Myrina. The church dates back at least to 1305 when it became a branch of the Great Lavra Monastery of Mount Athos.

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Panagia Kakaviotissa, Limnos

Agios Stefanos, Syros

According to tradition, the church of Agios Stefanos was built by a fisherman named Stephanos from the nearby village of Galissa, who was threatened by a huge octopus that was pulling him to the sea. He made a vow to Agios Stephanos to save him and so he built the chapel in this secluded crag in his honour.

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Agios Stefanos, Syros

Panagia tou Charou, Leipsoi

This church is located on the hillside southeast of the capital of Leipsoi, a small island located south of Samos. It is home to the only icon in which the Virgin Mary is not holding Jesus Christ as a child, but rather after his crucifixion. 

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches

Kyra Panagia, Karpathos

The church stands out for its red dome and is located on the southeastern side of the island. It was built in traditional style with whitewashed walls and features a small terrace that offers amazing views of the Aegean Sea and to the bay of Kyra Panagia. 

Insights Greece - Greek Islands 20 Most Breathtaking Churches
Kyra Panagia, Karpathos @cafekarpathos

Cover image @ansharimages

7 Hottest New Hotels in Mykonos 

When you’ve finished swimming and partying at one of the lavish beach clubs, kick back at one of the island’s sensational new arrivals – as these are the seven newest and hottest hotels in Mykonos for Summer 2021!

Destino Pacha Mykonos

Destino Pacha Mykonos is a glamorous new 5-star resort set to open this summer. This Spanish-based brand is planning on bringing the Ibiza lifestyle to one of Greece’s most popular islands. Overlooking the white sands and turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, the resort will open its doors on the first day of summer, June 1. Featuring 34 rooms with six spacious sea-view suites, it also has a lounge and bar, as well as an all-day Mediterranean restaurant and a wellness centre, which includes rooftop yoga.

Kalesma Mykonos 

The whitewashed collection of houses have been created to resemble a charming, exclusive Mykonian village, just a short walk from Ornos beach. Opened in June 2020, Kalesma’s location provides 360 vistas, providing guests with the opportunity to enjoy both sunrise and sunsets from the same spot. The 5- star boutique hotel offers 25 luxury suites and two larger villas. Inspired by Cycladic architecture and combining tradition with contemporary elements, Kalesma offers sleek and minimalist interiors using locally-sourced materials. Guests can also book in-room spa treatments, while a luxurious spa is set to open in mid- 2021.


This bohemian property offering 14 suites, is a private sanctuary designed for discerning travellers looking for a rustic yet stylish space to stay. Located just 200 metres from Kalo Livadi, one of the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos, NOMAD opened in January 2020. The luxury suites come with private pools and jacuzzis and offer an earthy yet luxurious feel with a private courtyard. Natural materials and organic cotton set the tone for the interior spaces, and the hotel’s restaurant is a celebration of fresh, seasonal flavours. You can also spend plenty of time relaxing by the pool with a handcrafted cocktail from the ‘mixology’ bar.

Once in Mykonos Luxury Resort

Located above Ornos Beach, Once in Mykonos features a blend of classic Cycladic style with chic décor. Having only opened in October 2020, the deluxe suites provide a place of endless comfort and ultimate summertime serenity. Guests can relax on the sun loungers surrounding the hotel’s private pool and don’t need to go far to enjoy delicious meals as the hotel’s restaurant serves a range of great dishes all day long. Massage and beauty treatments are also available.

Habitat Mykonos All Suites 

Located just steps away from the village of Agios Stefanos, this bohemian-chic, all-suite hotel is the perfect hideaway for immersing yourself in the laid-back rhythm of Mykonian life. Opening its doors in September 2020, Habitat is only 300 metres from Agios Stefanos beach and features a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, a bar, a private garden, and a terrace. Comprising of 17 suites, the hotel is a mix of simple, rustic details with modern amenities and contemporary comforts. All come adorned with bohemian artisan elements, understated furnishings, plush linens, and unique decor.

Epic Blue 

Nestled above the beautiful Houlakia Bay, the brand new (opened May 2020) Epic Blue overlooks the alluring waves of the Mediterranean Sea. The suites and villas range from Junior Suites through to three-bedroom villas, providing guests with a glimpse of the Aegean Sea and all come complete with contemporary furnishings. The deluxe spa is set to open for the first time in May 2021. 

Koukoumi Vegan Hotel 

The first and only vegan hotel in Greece opened its doors in March 2020. Situated in the heart of the island, in the traditional village of Ano Mera, Koukoumi is a modern and sleek boutique hotel featuring a swimming pool and fitness centre. There is also a spa for those who wish to detox and destress, plus a restaurant serving dishes using premium quality ingredients and minimal or no processing; only plant-based food is handled in the kitchen area.


Located at Kalo Livadi, close to popular Agia Anna Beach, Euphoria Suites is a brand-new 5-star property with Cycladic charm and luxurious touches. Elegance and style blend in harmoniously with the breathtaking 180 degrees sea view that inspires relaxation, romance, and adventure. Savor the flavors of Mykonos at the hotel’s restaurant and bar with tasty cuisine made from fresh local produce or lounge by the pool, swim under the sun, and recharge at the fitness centre and spa. Each of the 31 suites has been designed to include refined finishes and elegant Cycladic touches, while all feature their very own outdoor jacuzzi or private swimming pool.

Pure Cuisine of the Cycladic Islands

The Cyclades made up of around 30 inhabited islands, are not only characterised by dazzling coastlines, rugged landscapes (except for Andros, known for its abundance of water and greenery), a rich ancient history, whitewashed box-like buildings with cobalt blue shutters and but also by the simple, succulent, generally healthy and pure cuisine of the island group. 

Occupations by pirates, the Franks, Venetians, Ottomans and Maltese left their mark on these islands on many levels, including their culinary philosophies. 

Since 2000 when the face of tourism began to change the islands, their cuisine changed too, with more international styles, techniques and ingredients bringing more creativity, finesse and sophistication to their valuable PDO products like bresaola-style louza, honey, Santorini tomatoes and fava, a variety of cheeses and capers. 

Winemaking too has become a common attribute of this island group, with Santorini (and its 17 wineries) remaining the star. Here we offer you a guide to help you know what not to miss when you’re travelling around the Cyclades.


The Cycladic islands are more meat (especially pork) oriented than fish, although the beloved kakavia fish soup is made in different renditions. Kakavia, traditionally the “fisherman’s soup” is made by combining various kinds of fish or parts of fish, with tomatoes and in some renditions with celery as well as plenty of olive oil and lemon or avgolemono (egg-lemon) sauce. 

In Syros fish dishes are more unique – atherina fish is cooked with onion, tomato and egg, and locals also have a real taste for shark meat.


The Cyclades are known for their delicious cheeses: goat an cow’s milk gruyere (graviera) and mild myzithra from Naxos, sharp xinomyzithra from Paros and flavoursome San Michali from Syros, trovolia from Mykonos (also made in a version with sugar and dry figs) which is the star of the island’s beloved kopanisti, also loved in Astypalea and Chios

These and other cheese become the inspiration for pies – both sweet and savoury – made in different styles in each of the islands; small and fried, large and mixed with herbs, drizzled in honey and sesame and other dishes.


Thin, long green beans known as ambelofasoula are easily found in the Cyclades, and they’re often eaten boiled as a salad with lemon and oil or even alongside skordalia garlic sauce in some islands. 

Black-eyed beans are also commonly served around these islands, served with Feta, tomato and cucumber as a salad, or sautéed with greens. Chickpeas are especially popular in Paros and Sifnos, where they are traditionally slow-cooked overnight in a revithada soup made in a clay pot. 

In Sifnos revithokeftdes (chickpea patties), like falafel crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, are also a popular treat. 

Santorini is known for its creamy, rich yellow fava, made with split peas and usually served with a topping of raw or caramelised onions, capers and lemon juice.


Capers (which are actually flower buds that when left to blossom create beautiful purple and white flowers) grow wild on rocky walls and enclaves around the Cyclades, and in-the-know locals rush to gather them at the end of June to pickle them in saltwater and then vinegar for the year. 

Santorini is famous for its flavour-packed tomatoes, grown by hydration rather than watering, and these make for not only excellent salads and sauces but the island’s well-known tomato fritters (domatokeftedes). In Andros, most green grocers sell the massive courgette-like vegetable called lyraki, which is eaten boiled with oil and lemon.


Pork products especially are characteristic of Cycladic cuisine mainly rooting back to the annual pig slaughtering tradition that began in pre-refrigerator days, when the animals were killed and every part of them was made use of in a fresh but mainly preserved form – sausages and cured louza ham. Other popular meats are lamb and in some islands, game.

20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

With breathtaking sea views, laid-back vibes, and lush cocktails- there are so many beautiful beachfront bars all over Greece, where you can relax and unwind all day and night! And although the list can go on forever, we’ve rounded up our Top 20! 

Hydronetta, Hydra  

Embraced by rocks and enwrapped by the sea of Hydra, this beach offers a magical spot to swim and dive. And when you are done you can sit at one of the little tables shaded with straw umbrellas to enjoy the breathtaking sunset. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Scorpios, Mykonos

This bohemian-luxe social club by the sea comes complete with a restaurant, boutique, bar, and event space. It’s one of the island’s most popular spots, so it’s a good idea to get here early over the peak summer season. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece
image @annabellkutucu

Ftelia, Mykonos

Retro hues of ochre and burnt orange add a summery warmth to this beach bar that has talented chefs on site creating fresh seafood dishes and homemade desserts to accompany your drink of choice. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Nammos, Mykonos 

This is where the world’s rich and famous gather every summer to enjoy the much-loved Mykonos vibe. From Jon Bon Jovi and Mariah Carey to the world’s best football players and Victoria’s Secret models- you are bound to spot a celebrity. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

 La Grotta Beach Bar, Corfu

Built in the 60s in a little cove near Paleokastritsa, this cool beach bar still draws huge crowds each summer. The bar is open all summer long from morning until late at night so you can have an exotic cocktail overlooking the illuminated bay below.

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Piedra del Mar, Corfu  

This exclusive beach bar is set over three levels. Starting with the sun loungers, located a step away from the sea, it continues to a lounge bar for drinks and ends with a fine restaurant for a late lunch or dinner. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Copla Beach Bar, Lefkada

Set right next to Kathisma, one of the most striking beaches on the Ionian, this beautifully designed bar compliments the stunning surroundings. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Sorokos Bar, Koufonisia  

Set right next to the beach, this bar offers the most relaxing summer afternoons, while your nights will liven up with the music of their guest DJs and superb cocktails. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Krabo, Athens Riviera

Perfectly located on a secluded bay in the exclusive Kavouri area, here you can soak up the Greek sun on full-service sunbeds and wooden cabanas or head to the restaurant to enjoy a Mediterranean lunch or dinner under the pergola. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Astir Beach Bar, Athens Riviera

A high-end beach bar with stylish cabanas, here you can sit back and unwind as waiters take your order. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Ciel, Syros

This romantic all-day restaurant and beach bar in the heart of Syros serves Greek and Mediterranean dishes, plus lush cocktails and a huge selection of Greek wines. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Kalypso Beach, Crete

This is one of the most unique beaches in Greece. Set in its own secret cove a short drive from the beach village of Plakias in Crete, you come here to swim, snorkel, soak in the sun while enjoying a refreshing drink. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Agistri Bar, Halkidiki

For a casual place to spend all day and night in Halkidiki, head to Agistri, where the water is crystal clear and the vibe is refreshing.

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece 

KOHI Beach Bar, Halkidiki

This bar is located on one of the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki. The blue water and the pines that almost reach the sea make this majestic spot one of a kind!

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Sotos Beach Bar, Aegina

Located in Agia Marina, here sunbeds spread over formations of rocks, and the sea is entered into by diving off them. Then sit back and enjoy drinks and casual dishes as you watch the sunset. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Soros Beach, Antiparos

For a casual yet chic experience, head to Soros where you are served refreshing tailor-made cocktails and a great selection of regional and international wines. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Kaiki Beach Club, Spetses

A short walk away from the centre of Spetses town, you can chill out on comfortable wooden cushioned loungers or a cabana, as the beach attendants will serve you anything you choose from the beach bar or restaurant menu, until sundown.

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Tinos Surfing Lessons, Tinos

Kolymbithra is one of the best beaches in Tinos and Tinos Surf Lessons beach bar makes it even more unique. A small camper van converted into a bar, the wooden tables and chairs and umbrellas shaped like mushrooms and woven by local basket-makers make this small beach bar a place you will never forget.

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Kavos Lounge Bar, Skyros

From stepped terraces cut out of the rocks, you can dive straight into the sea and jump onto a paddleboard. Then you can make your way back up and enjoy the views while sipping on a cocktail. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Limanakia Vouliagmenis Bar, Athens Riviera

Set between the coastal suburbs of Varkiza and Vouliagmeni, by day, you can swim off the rocks and at night you can enjoy a drink as you sit back and take in the Athens Riviera. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Beachfront Bars in Greece

Main Image: Scorpios Mykonos 

Add a Touch of Your Favourite Greek Hotel to Your Home

How often have you walked into a hotel room and wanted to know where the pillow cases are from? Or had a drink at the lobby bar and – before you’ve even finished your gin and tonic – lifted up the glass looking for the name of the brand?

If you would like to include some luxurious interiors and decor to your home- from bath and bed sets to coffee tables and teacups- here are a few chic pieces found in some of Greece’s leading hotels that you can now display in your own abode! 

COCO-MAT, Athens

Our pick: Bedhead and mattress

With four boutique hotels in the Greek capital alone, COCO-MAT is all about offering style and comfort, especially when it comes to their guests’ sleep. This unique brand is also one of the country’s leading producers of handcrafted beds and you can choose from a range of their locally made mattresses and headboards that are all made in Northern Greece, from locally sourced materials including wood, wool, cotton, and seaweed. 

Astir, Four Seasons Hotel, Athens

Our pick: Bedsheets 

An iconic hotel set on the glamorous Athens Riviera, Astir is nothing less than pure luxury. Chances are as soon as you check-in, quite a few pieces will catch your eye, and what stands out for us are the bedsheets that not only look stylish but also offer a decent night’s sleep. These crisp cotton sheets and duvet covers come with the hotel’s discreetly embroidered logo, and the soft feather pillows are available too. 


Our pick: sofa, coffee table, and bar cart

This bohemian boutique hotel overlooking the Mykonian sea combines Cycladic curves and nature-inspired interiors. Throughout the gorgeous spaces, you will find plush sofas, mix-and-match cushions, shelves full of cookbooks and ceramics that you can easily picture in your own home. And from velvet armchairs and brass drinks trolleys to luxe sofas and coffee tables, all the staples of the retro interiors found here can be sourced from Soho Home

Amanzoe, Porto Heli  

Our pick: Ultimate Bath Set

Known as one of Greece’s most luxurious hotels, this wellness retreat offers an exclusive and decadent experience, as Amanzoe’s sleek look is second to none. One of the best experiences during your stay here will no doubt be centred around the spa, where you can completely relax and unwind. And now you can have the ultimate at-home spa experience with Aman skincare range, which includes Purifying Auric Cleanse Bath Salts, Nourishing Golden Body Serum, Nourishing Body Mist, and Grounding Smoked Body Butter. 

Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens

Our pick: drink glasses

This 18th Century landmark is unquestionably Athens’ most luxurious hotel. Immaculately restored to the height of its old-world grandeur, it is perfectly located at Syntagma Square, in the heart of the city. Here you can wine and dine with uninterrupted views of the Parthenon and if you would like to add some Grande Bretagne glamour to your next dinner party you can choose from a range of their drinking glasses, or pick up a few pieces such as candles, infusers, as well as tea sets. 

Ikastikies Suites, Santorini

Our pick: pillowcases

Ikastikies is a Cycladic-style boutique hotel that is charming and cozy, and as soon as you lay your head down on their soft pillowcases, you will no doubt want to sleep on them time and time again. Made of natural fabrics – these silk pillowcases are inspired by Santorini’s black volcanic stones and the island’s sugar-cubed white-washed homes.