Athens’ Glamorous Brunch Spot Just Got a Whole Lot Sweeter 

Athénée, the elegant all-day bar-restaurant that’s been synonymous with Athenian glamour since 1939, has just upped its “Lazy Sunday Brunch” menu, with enticing sweet creations by award-winning Greek pastry chef Spyros Pediaditakis and his talented team from leading Glyfada patisserie Ourse. 

The stunning restaurant in Syntagma is an iconic meeting spot right in the heart of the city, where locals gather each Sunday to enjoy a long, relaxed catch-up with friends- while tasting delightful dishes and sweets, along with their morning coffee, tea, and other drinks of choice.

And starting from tomorrow, February the 13th, through to March 6th, 2022, for four consecutive Sundays’, visitors will be able to taste Spyros’ signature sweets, which appear in his new cookbook Notebook (featuring 38 unique creations specially created for award-winning restaurants) including Spyros’ famous Crunchy Apple, a lush lemon tart, the famous St Honore, Paris Aegina (Ourse’s version of the classic Paris- Brest), as well as a range of decadent chocolate desserts. 

All of the pastries will be delightfully displayed on the remarkable Athénée dessert table- where guests will have the opportunity to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of each pastry before trying it- as they not only taste lush- but also look like a piece of art! 

A: Voukourestiou 9, Athina

Opening hours for “Lazy Sunday Brunch”: Sundays’ from 9 am



Mastering the Art of Greek Macaroons since 1900

Made with top-quality local ingredients and in every variety imaginable, these sweets are not to be missed!

If you’re strolling along bustling Athinas St it’s easy to pass Lonis’ patisserie and miss out on a whole universe of homemade flavours. Today with three stores around Athens and catering to everything from birthday parties to weddings, the tiny shop is packed with technicolored sweets.

Here you’ll find chocolates, meringues, ice cream, cakes, cupcakes and almond confetti in every shade and shape, but the specialty here are the melt-in-your-mouth amygdalota (almond paste) biscuits. Although they are very similar to the classic French macaroons, these were originally called ergolavoi. Still using his great grandfather’s recipe from 1900, owner Panayiotis Lonis has created a grand selection of both old-fashioned and modern renditions of these macaroon-style delights.

The fluffy yet slightly crunchy and chewy biscuits are made with 75% Greek almond powder, 20% meringue from fresh eggs and 5% sugar. There’s an other-worldly selection of over 20 flavours, including hazelnut praline, serrano chocolate, bitter almond, coconut, walnut, mastic, caramel, banana, pomegranate, black forest, tiramisu and apple-cinnamon. All the jam fillings are made using fresh local fruit and there are no added preservatives. Up with the times, the patisserie also sells gluten and sugar-free versions of their best sellers.

Lonis Patisserie can be found at: Athinas 7 in Monastiraki, Kifissias Ave 92 in Maroussi, and Pringipisson 28 in Gyzi.