Marble Sculpturing by the Aegean Sea

The Shape of the Light Retreat at Mèlisses in Andros, allows guests to learn a new craft and engage with their artistic senses while overlooking Aegean sunsets with a glass of local wine. 

October is a very special time of the year in Greece. It is the tail end of summer with sea waters at their warmest temperature and there is a sense of peace as the island slows down for its long-deserved break- making it the perfect period to enjoy this intimate workshop of marble sculpturing, storytelling, and photography.

Designed to engage primordial senses and create meditative space through the process of working with raw unpolished material- guests will simultaneously be able to document the whole process as well as the beautiful island of Andros through photography. This is in between exploring the island- providing guests with endless inspiration, whether on hikes through lush areas with breathtaking views of the sea, outings to beautiful villages, or simply sunbathing in the light of golden hour.

Guided by Swiss-born Tom, a professional sculptor and painter with an extensive connoisseur of natural stones- he will guide you through the process of marble sculpting. From mountain extraction to sculpting, students will learn about this ancient form of art and about the various sculpting techniques and tools. Each participant will get to practice these techniques and create their very own marble object to take home.

Lucy, a travel, fashion and lifestyle photographer devoted to working with natural light will introduce you to storytelling through photography and about the thoughtful curation of settings on the island to inspire and support your visual journey. She will share her photographic approach in a dynamic, versatile way through exploring the island and its locals and using various props and subjects.

What’s even more special is at the end of the week, all participants will be invited to join a pop-up dinner event hosted in a secret location on the island.


Mèlisses, Andros, Cyclades 


October 4 – 9, 2022

Mèlisses Andros Shape of the Light Retreat 

All images Courtesy of Mèlisses © 

Creative Floral and Foodie Retreat in Andros 

Andros’ Dew Retreat at Mèlisses, allows guests to take a break from everyday life to enjoy some peace and tranquility, blossoming flowers and delicious local food in the beautiful surroundings of the Aegean Sea. 

Unwind, relax, create and engage your artistic senses on the Greek island of Andros this Spring with nourishing meals, local wines, morning swims, and lots of gorgeous flowers – that will leave you feeling energised and full of inspiration. 

Andros is considered to be one of the greenest islands in Greece because of its abundant natural springs and small rivers, which weave their way through the verdant landscape. Spontaneous herbs and wildflowers grow abundantly in the surroundings, especially during Springtime when all flowers are in bloom and the whole of Andros is perfumed by wild thyme and lemon blossoms- making it the perfect spot for Andros’ Dew Retreat, which focuses on floral design and styling, as well as cooking. 

Guided by flower guru Taylor Patterson, guests will learn all the basics of flower arranging and design, creating beautiful compositions for mixed arrangements. The small group will go foraging together, hunting for beautiful blossoms and foliage to be used in the arrangements, whilst trained chef Letitia Clark and founded and art director of Mèlisses, Allegra Pomilio will prepare a floral-inspired menu, incorporating fresh herbs and flowers into the creative dishes. 

New York-based photographer Nicole Franzen will also be joining, documenting the whole experience and adding her special touch and sharp eye for beautiful detail. 

Every day guests have a new chance to explore Andros’ most beautiful and unspoilt spots, gather around the table for beautiful flower-arranging classes and share bountiful meals together. 

What’s included

-6 days & 5 nights accommodation at Mèlisses;

-All meals during the workshop (5 dinners, 4 lunches, 5 breakfasts; aperitivos/snacks, drinks & refreshments);

-Cooking classes hosted by Allegra & Letitia, showing you how to incorporate spontaneous herbs and flowers into your menus;

-Flower arranging & styling classes hosted by Taylor Patterson.

-Getting to know and documenting locals and the island;

-Meals in a local taverna;

-All activities and excursions, including visits to the villages of Andros;

-Mèlisses full use of all its facilities;

-All transfers on the island to and from the house.


Mèlisses aims to honor and embrace the local flora and fauna. The house is located on the exclusive and majestic bay of Paleopoli where, underwater, you can still see ruins of the old city. The bay is opposite the extraordinary island of Ghiaros, which is considered legendary and protected for its marine wildlife.

The property is completely isolated, allowing for a peaceful getaway, with private access to the sea and a thriving vegetable garden. The property was designed and built by a talented team of designers and architects using local plants and rough stones to seamlessly blend built and wild environments. Mèlisses is surrounded by crystal waters and beautiful countryside, where wild figs and grapes grow uninhibited and it’s not uncommon to spot a donkey grazing on wild grass.

Inside Mèlisses, elegant interior design is crafted with a mixture of Hellenic antique furniture and a hint of Italian extravagance. Our outdoor seating area is designed to seduce all guests with its breathtaking sea view. Enjoy a swim in the crystal waters of the sea or in one of our natural seawater pools while relaxing under the pergola shade.


Mèlisses, Andros, Cyclades


April 30th – May 5th, 2022

Mèlisses Andros Dew Retreat 

All images Courtesy of Mèlisses © (Copyright)