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Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat on a Private Greek Island 

Silver Island is the only private island yoga retreat in the world. Set on a  lush green, 60-acre islet in the Gulf of Volos, this is what you can literally describe as a complete getaway from city life. 

Electricity here only runs for a few hours in the evening, dishes served are made up of fresh, seasonal, and organic produce, and there is no WiFi. Run completely ecologically, using filtered rainwater, solar power, and 100% biodegradable toiletries, Silver Island Yoga is a very intimate and exclusive experience. With a mix of traditional and contemporary designs, each of the rooms is tastefully furnished and individual in character. And guests are invited to enjoy the peace, serenity, and much-needed digital detox!


Insights Greece - Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat on a Private Greek Island 

Situated a few miles from the mainland, Silver Island has been the home of the Christie family for 55 years and has opened its doors and sublime tranquility to those in search of rest and rejuvenation; plus an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Run by sisters Lisa and Claire, this unique experience helps cleanse the body, mind, and soul.  

Character and Style

Set on gently rolling hills and surrounded by small idyllic coves, ancient old olive groves, cypress trees, and wildflowers, the rhythmic sound of cicadas all surrounded by the crystal blue Mediterranean with glorious views every way you turn, make it the ideal place to sit back and relax. Comprised of just a couple of white-washed and blue-shuttered traditional Greek homes, a church, and a lighthouse, the property lends itself to a peaceful and rejuvenating experience. This is the perfect place to practice the art and joy of yoga. A place you can unwind and merge with nature and self.


Insights Greece - Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat on a Private Greek Island 

This small and exclusive retreat accommodates up to 10 guests in five nicely decorated and inviting rooms. During the day the pebbled beaches, hidden coves, and miles of pathways offer a chance for guests to spend time alone in quiet reflection between the two-hour dawn and sunset yoga classes. Four hours of daily yoga takes place on an open-air platform with panoramic views of the mountains and the Aegean Sea. Between classes, guests relax on the sunbeds at Jetti Beach, take a stroll to the lighthouse, or head to the meditation platform, to make the most of every moment. 


Locally produced 100% natural and biodegradable toiletries are provided to guests, and water is recycled for watering the gardens. There is also an organic olive farm, and all waste is recycled. 

The Church

There is a small church close to the main house on the island. The patron saints of the church are Cosmas and Damian, who were venerated as Unmercenary Physicians- making it symbolic as Silver Island is all about healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Regardless of religion, many guests come here to pray and take time to experience the serenity and peace at this spiritual spot. 


Insights Greece - Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat on a Private Greek Island 

The island’s accommodation consists of two beautifully renovated, traditional whitewashed, blue houses – the main house, and the villa. There are 5 twin rooms, and one single occupancy room, with space for only 10 guests per retreat, make this an intimate and very personal experience. The rooms are a mix of traditional decor and contemporary design. Every room is different and features a fireplace, artwork, a private terrace, and views of the sea. 

Ideal for…

Adventurous travellers– With kayaks, SUPs, and a Pedalo available, guests can explore the shores of the island, and might even meet a dolphin or two along the way! There are also pathways for exploring the island.

Water lovers – Grab some snorkels and goggles and get to know the local fish, or enjoy some shell diving.

Solo travellers – there are 60 acres of island to explore and over 2000 olive trees to sit under, where you can read or meditate.

Artistic and creative types – there is an art cupboard, where guests are welcome to help themselves or find a spot to write the next chapter of your book. 

Food and Drinks

Insights Greece - Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat on a Private Greek Island 

To embrace a healthy lifestyle all meals are vegetarian, consisting of pure, simple, natural foods that are inspired by the Mediterranean diet. All produce is seasonal, organic, and locally sourced. Here you will be served sun-ripened fruit and vegetables which are prepared with love (and their own extra virgin olive oil) resulting in mouthwatering and delicious dishes. The three meals a day are served at an outdoor table or in the sheltered dining area (depending on the weather), both overlooking the Aegean Sea. Fresh coffee, a variety of teas, and local organic vegan wines are also served at dinner. 


Yoga courses normally run from April to October, or you can also choose to attend one-week retreats with various teachers coming from around the world. The day starts at dawn with two hours of yoga and ends with two hours of sunset yoga and can include meditation and other therapies. There’s also a meditation platform to watch the sunrise from, as well as kayaks and a restored 1970s pedalo if you would like to cruise around the islet. 


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