If you are in Thessaloniki, Greece’s city of gastronomy, and searching for a unique and intimate dining experience based on fresh, seasonal ingredients, Duck Private Cheffing offers visitors a chance to sample an array of ever-changing dishes prepared right in front of you.   

What makes Duck Private Cheffing so special is you feel as though you’ve arrived at a charming cottage in Greece’s countryside, and you are watching friends prepare your food; as well-known chef and owner Ioanna Theodaraki, along with her team create dish after dish in the rustic-chic open kitchen. 

Featuring a delightful outdoor deck and French farmhouse style décor, Duck Private Cheffing (which recently had a soft, elegant makeover) first opened its doors in 2014, and quickly became a local favourite, after receiving rave reviews from food critics and everyday foodies alike. 

Serving around 40 guests each night, here Ioanna is not only the head chef but also a great host, who is more than happy to share her special dishes of the day, allowing visitors to understand the concept behind each item on the menu before they order.  

There is also a wide range of local wines to choose from, as well as decadent desserts that always feature some type of chocolate sweet- so depending on the day, you may be able to indulge in Mosaiko (chocolate biscuit log) a chocolate ganache, or a chocolate souffle. 

Although it’s located a bit out of town, we recommend Private Duck Cheffing for its wonderful hospitality, creativity, and fresh flavours- but do make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

A: Chalkis 3, Pilea Chortiatis, Thessaloniki | P: +30 231 551 9333

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