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Greece’s Archaeological Sites Shut During the Day

The Greek Culture Ministry has announced that Greece’s open-air archaeological sites will be shut between 12 pm and 5 pm from Tuesday, August 3, through Thursday, August 5, due to the extremely high temperatures expected over the next few days.

Greece is currently experiencing a heatwave with record-high temperatures to the end of the week, and the ministry says the shutdown has been imposed for the safety of visitors. 

Insights Greece - Greece’s Archaeological Sites Shut During the Day
Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion

This is the country’s worst heatwave in more than 30 years, as temperatures reached 45°C in some regions on Monday.

The highest temperature registered was 46.3C at Makrakomi in Fthiotis, on the eastern seaboard of mainland Greece. This temperature rating is the highest ever recorded by the observatory in its history.

The weather services forecast temperatures of 40°C to 42°C on the islands and 41°C to 43°C on the mainland for Tuesday, with highs of 44°C to 45°C in the Peloponnese and Thessaly.

In Athens, temperatures will exceed 40°C, with highs of 43°C and lows of 31°C, according to the Greek meteorological services.

Advice to the public, especially for babies, the elderly, and those in vulnerable groups, is to take measures to protect themselves from the heat, to avoid being outdoors during the peak of the day, avoid physical exercise outdoors, and stay hydrated.  


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