Christmas isn’t that far away, so it may be a great time to start considering the perfect Greek food hamper to gift to your family and friends across the world!

Fortunately, there are several Greek online stores selling top quality food and drink products made by small producers that have been artfully combined in baskets or boxes according to certain themes. But if you prefer to create your own combination of goodies all of these stores are happy to send you the products as a regular shop that you can then package or package them for you.


Guilt-free Pleasure (€59.95)

This basket is for foodies who like sophisticated flavours as well as high-nutrient intake! It includes herbal tea with cinnamon, clove & Greek Saffron, dried wild mushrooms from Evia, Corinthian raisins, dark chocolate with almonds, pure strawberry jam, peanut butter, extra virgin olive oils,  naturally fermented & debittered olives, Cretan rusks with gruyere cheese and a cereals with carob flour & buckwheat, walnuts & almonds.

Greek Food Origins

Phantasmagorical Flavors Gift Box (€84.90)

A gourmet food basket with more unusual Greek tastes, from simple products like Cretanthos Bio Early Harvest olive oil to handmade Tagliatelle with Shellfish, Pepper Sauce with Goat Cheese & Ouzo, Truffles, Escargots in Wine and herbal tea blends.  Very complete, this basket includes organic Wild Oak & Forest Flowers Honey organic Fig Spread, Christmassy Kourabies butter biscuits and handmade White Chocolate with Pistachios, Almonds & Cranberries.

Hellenic Food Basket

Squid Ink Chilopites Basket (€48,00)

Reminiscent of a boldly flavoured Greek summer, this basket can add Greek touches to your everyday cooking wherever you are. It includes regular white and smoked white Alonissos island tuna fish, sun-dried tomatoes, extra Virgin olive oil, natural salt with 5 organic herbs, Santorini capers, squid ink chilopites pasta and tomato sauce with thyme and basil.


Luxurious Greek Treasures Wooden Gift Box (€149,90)

A gourmet variety of top quality Greek food and drink products, this hamper includes extra virgin olive oil, vanilla fir organic honey, white Alalunga Alonissos tuna (Limited Edition), organic Greek mountain tea, rock samphire marinated with cherry tomatoes & garlic and a 200ml bottle of award winning Kanenas tsipouro.


Just The Two of Us (€37.00)

For a romantic Christmas gift to share with your partner, this basket includes organic, awarded Rose wine from Lemnos island, a box of fig chocolates scented with lavender and a scented candle.

Greek Flavours

Aura of the Sea (€27,80)

The selection of products in this basket are intended to present some of Greece’s best flavours. It includes extra virgin olive oil, Halkidiki olives, marmalade with orange zest and black chocolate, organic oregano, tomato sauce with ouzo and tuna fish and seafood-flavoured tagliatelle made according to an old Greek recipe.


Two other great Greek online food stores are NOMH and Akros where as with all the stores listed in this article, you can select foods of your choice to create your own basket, created by the store or at home.

Alexia Amvrazi


Alexia has lived in Greece for 20+ years, writing & presenting on radio/TV for global & local media, & is co-author of '111 Places in Athens That You Shouldn’t’ Miss'. She grew up in Rome, Cairo & Athens and studied Film, TV & Radio and MA in Mass Communications in the UK. Her international childhood & travels around the world offer her enough closeness & distance from Greece to see both the dream & the reality. Her chief goal as Editor of IN+SIGHTS GREECE is to provide a plethora of in+sightful, in+timate, in+telligent, in+dividual & in+formative perspectives of Greece.

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