Wherever you may be in the world, bring a touch of minimalist, sophisticated and characteristic Cycladic art into your daily life.

Named ‘circle islands’ or Cyclades by the ancient Greeks because they formed a circle of sorts around the sacred island of Delos, these 30 islands each has its own raw and special beauty. The Cyclades are also similar, however, in their architectural, archaeological and natural heritage, from which the Cycladic ‘style’ is born.

Remnants of Cycladic artworks, tools and utilitarian objects root back to as far as 5000 years ago, with sculptures made from marble and clay. Over the millennia the wealth of mineral sources on these islands let to the creation of objects and jewellery made from precious and semi-precious metals like bronze, gold, emery, obsidian and silver.

Finds that most strongly characterize the Neolithic, Early Cycladic and Cycladic arts are the stylized, triangular figurine idols with folded arms, the marble bowls and vessels. Cycladic sculpture, so minimalist and simple yet so aesthetically unique and by today’s standards, modern, has been said to have influenced great artists such as Picasso, Modigliani, Brancusi and Giacometti. Interestingly, like a lot of sculptural and architectural works created in ancient Greece, they were not white as we see them today, but boldly coloured.

Adding a Cycladic aesthetic to your life can thus offer both a connection to a mystical ancient past and a cool, minimal touch of modernity. Cycladic art can be included in your wardrobe, accessories, kid’s toys and home décor as a way to transport you to a creatively sophisticated culture that still impacts us so strongly today.





Alexia Amvrazi


Alexia has lived in Greece for 20+ years, writing & presenting on radio/TV for global & local media, & is co-author of '111 Places in Athens That You Shouldn’t’ Miss'. She grew up in Rome, Cairo & Athens and studied Film, TV & Radio and MA in Mass Communications in the UK. Her international childhood & travels around the world offer her enough closeness & distance from Greece to see both the dream & the reality. Her chief goal as Editor of IN+SIGHTS GREECE is to provide a plethora of in+sightful, in+timate, in+telligent, in+dividual & in+formative perspectives of Greece.

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