Loutraki, a beautiful town in Corinth, is set to host its inaugural gastronomy festival this summer, inviting visitors from all over Greece and the world to taste its delightful Peloponnesian dishes and delicacies.  

By Maria Athanasopoulou 

Located in the Peloponnese, this well-known destination attracts local and international tourists, who come here each year to explore the wonderful port, beaches, natural spa area, and more. Less than an hour from Athens, it stretches along a gorgeous coastline, and is also famous for its charming lake, laid-back atmosphere and good food! 

Seaside town in Corinth

Throughout the year, Loutraki holds various cultural and sporting events and festivals that have become very popular; and now the town has proudly added a two-day gastronomy festival that will become an annual event hosted by the Tourism Promotion Organisation of Loutraki, in collaboration with the tourism marketing company Respond On Demand; with the support of the Municipality of Loutraki, and the Local Restaurants & Food Association “O Xenios Zeus”, along with the Municipality of Loutraki and Perachora.

Last October, the first official presentation of this gastronomy festival took place, with journalists and travel agents invited to experience a taste of what’s to come. The food festival organisers prepared a two-day experiential event, during which time guests were able to see what’s in store for the upcoming festival and to be able to gain an understanding of the area’s rich culinary identity. 

Local restaurants including Kanakis, Kolonaki, Limanaki, Paladar, Papadakis, Pepe Rosso, Piperi, Oregano, Fragkias, Umami, Woodys, and Ypanema all participated in the event, allowing guests to sample special local dishes and recipes. Olive oil sommelier Marianna Devetzoglou from Oleosophia also guided the participants through a delicious olive oil path from the area, while agronomist Nikos Bouzinelos, representative of the Association of Winemakers PDO. Nemea, introduced guests to the secrets of Nemea wines, the quality of which is well known.

Olive oil tasting with sommelier Marianna Devetzoglou from Oleosophia

The event ended with an interactive game, a blind trial of the local Loutraki’s sweet Dredura, organized by the women members of the Experience Perachora. Three of the blindfolded guests tasted the local sweet Dredura without seeing and then tried to record the ingredients they recognized in the taste. The one who recognized the most ingredients also won a box of local sweets from the area. 

And now the town is ready to host its first official gastronomy festival. Officially named Taste Of Loutraki, it will take place in June 2022, highlighting local traditions, produce, dishes and delicacies. 

For the weekend of June 18 to 19, many of the city’s restaurants will be offering a special menu, serving unique cuisine and flavours, as well as special workshops including wine tastings and beer tastings. There will also be thematic events, olive oil tasting, wine tasting, raisins, beer and local sweets will also be organized, which will present the respective local products and will introduce the participants to the delicious pleasures of Loutraki cuisine.

Lafkiotis Winery in Nemea

In case you are planning on visiting Loutraki and would like to experience all of the above events up close, you can visit Respond on Demand, who will be able to send you all the latest and more information regarding the gastronomy festival, as well as sharing tips on how to organise your trip in the best way. 




Maria Athanasopoulou is the founder of the tourism marketing company Respond On-Demand, co-founder of the non-profit company Top Tourism, Chairwoman of the World Food Travel Association, Ambassador in Greece of Evintra and Ambassador in Greece and Cyprus of World Gourmet Society. She likes exploring new places and cultures and loves discovering unexplored tourism destinations. During her trips, she does her best to find out and present the most interesting aspects of the destination she has just visited. 

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